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Daily Gita Recital – 5 Shlokas

Gitaji in Swamiji’s Voice (Sanskrit)

Gita Paath w/ Swamiji (Sanskrit)

(स्वामीजी महाराज की वाणी के साथ शुद्ध उच्चारण सीखने के लिए)

Gita Madhurya – Hindi (Swamiji’s Voice)

Daily Gita Path (10 Shlokas)

Vishesh Pravachan (Exceptional Discourses)

Hindi Discourses by Swamiji  (Pravachans)

Bhajans (Hindi)  -  (Shri Swamiji Maharaj / Shri Bajranglalji Soni)

Vishesh Kirtan  -  Shri Swamiji Maharaj / Shri Bajranlalji Soni

Kirtan (Hindi)  -  Shri Swamiji Maharaj / Shri Bajranlalji Soni

Srimad Bhagavadgita Paath Sanskrit (Bajranglalji Soni)



Gita Paath Sanskrit (Shri ManMohanji Maharaj)          

-      2.5 hrs

-      2.0 hrs

-      1.5 hrs  


Gita Madhuryam, Hindi – Sanskrit

(Shri ManMohanji Maharaj)

Srimad Bhagavadgita - Hindi

Gita – Sadhak Sanjeevani -  Hindi  (Shri Man Mohanji Maharaj); 

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Gita Prabodhani - Hindi (Shri Ramkrishnaji Maharaj)

Gita Prabodhani – HINDI Shloka-wise (Shri Man Mohanji Maharaj)

Ramcharitmanas katha (Shri Man Mohanji Maharaj)

Srimad Bhagwat katha (Shri Man Mohanji Maharaj)

Gita Abhyas (Shri Man Mohanji Maharaj)

Bhagwad-Bhaav Charcha (Spiritual Discussions)

Go Seva ke Chamatkaar -  Real Incidents




Audio Books - English

Gita Madhurya

Gita Prabodhani in English (Verses Only) (NEW)

Gita Prabodhani in English

Srimad Bhagavadgita -  Sadhak Sanjeevani

Srimad Bhagavadgita in English, Gita Press   (03/9/2016)

For Sadhaks (Spiritual Aspirants)

For the Salvation of Mankind

Man’s Duties in this Life

Art of Living

Be Good

Benedictory Discourses

Discovery of Truth and Immortality

Drops of Nectar

Ease in God Realization

Let Us Know the Truth

Sahaja Sadhana  (03/20/2018)

Audio Titles - English

Swamiji’s Will (A Humble Request)

My Thoughts (Swamiji’s Thoughts)

A Firm Resolve  (NEW - 06/20/2017)

Absolute God through Conduct

Absolute Happiness Through Detachment

Acceptance and Belief Leads to Salvation


Acceptance of Truth Leads to Salvation

Affinity with the Lord (4/06/2016)

Aim of Human Life

All Can Realize God

All Dutiful Acts are Called Yagna – Part 1 (1/02/2021)

All Dutiful Acts are Called Yagna – Part 2 (1/02/2021)

All the Visible is Merging into Invisible (2/17/2018)

An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God

An Easy Way to Attain Salvation

Art of Listening to Satsang

Art of Living in the World

Aspirant, End, Means

Attainment of Eternal Union

Attainment of God is Not Dependent on Guru

Attainment of God Who is Ever Attained

Attainment of the Ever Attained Reality

Be Careful

Be Free from Fears and Desires

Be Good

Beholding God in Everyone

Become God’s and Chant His Holy Name

Beholding God Everywhere

Belief and Experience

Benefit from Firm Resolve

Benefits of Renouncing Desires and Fulfilling Duties (2/18/2016)

Besides God, No One is Mine

Best of All Spiritual Disciplines -  Part 1 (2/12/2021)

Best of All Spiritual Disciplines -  Part 2 (2/12/2021)

Bliss through Renunciation

Body and Self are Different

Call for Disseminating Gita and Ramayan

Complete Surrender to God

Complete Surrender to God

Cow is the Mother of this World

Definite Means for Salvation

Description of the Unreal


Determination of Next Life based on Death Time Thoughts

Discipline of Action

Discrimination between the Real and Unreal

Discovery of Truth

Divine Lessons from Gita

Divinity Beyond the Ken of Instruments


Don’t Depend on the Unreal

Don’t Depend on the World

Do Not Dominate Over Others

Drop of Nectar – Sadhak Sanjivani (4/03/2016)

Effacement of Egoism and God Realization (3/23/2018)

Emancipation is Spontaneous

Emancipation is Easily Attainable  (2/23/2017)

Essence of Dharma (Spiritual Truths)

Eternal Union with God

Eternal Union with God and Its Realization

Experience and Faith

Experience of Flawlessness

Five Golden Principles

For Spiritual Aspirants -  Discourse 5

For Women (4/04/2016)

Gain from Unfavorable Circumstances (1/26/2016)

Gita on Character Building

Glories of Srimad Bhagavad Gita (12/21/2015)

Glory of Divine Company  (5/22/2016)

Glory of Equanimity  (4/6/2018)

Goal of Human Life  (1/22/2016)

God can be Assuredly Attained Today Itself !

God is One’s Own

God Realization is Axiomatic

God Realization, Being Free of Action

Guru’s Grace  (4/04/2016)

Higher Consciousness  (2/25/2017)

Highest Spiritual Good While Relating with the World  (4/5/2018)

Hope of Future is undesirable in God Realization

How to be Free from Evils ?

How to be Free from the Desire for Sense Enjoyment ?  (1/22/2016)

How to be Free from Worldly Influences ?

How to be Free of Sins ?

How to Concentrate in God ?

How to Gain Happiness ?

How to Overcome Anger ?

How to Serve ?  (1/22/2016)

How to Root Out Pride (egotism) ?

How to Root Out Vices ?  (6/20/2017)

Human Birth is the very Last of all Births

I am Not the Body (6/20/2017

Immediate God Realization

Importance of a Firm Determination

Importance of Right Use

Importance of Satsang

Improving Both this World and Beyond, while staying in Householder Life

Invaluable Advice for Aspirants

Introduction to Gita  (04/04/2016)

Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru? (A-04/02/2016)

Knowledge with Manifest Divinity

Let Us Know the Truth – The Gist

Jnana (Knowledge) with Vijnana (Manifest Divinity)

Means to Attain Happiness

Mother (Maa)

Necessity of Remembrance

Need to Improve One’s Nature (3/15/2016)

No Affinity with the Unreal

Only  God is Mine

Our Real Abode

Our True Nature is Existence, Consciousness and Bliss

Our True Relationship is Not with the World

Pain of Separation in Attachment (02/23/2017)

Painful Experience of Separation in Attachment (06/20/2017)

Peace through renunciation of Desire (06/20/2017)

Perception of Immortality

Perfection of Human Life in Awakening of Love

Prayer to the Lord

Pride Leads to Distress

Quest for Truth and Self-Realization

Real Greatness   (1/22/2016)

Real Greatness (from Let Us Know the Truth)  (2/23/2017)

Reality and Illusion

Realization of Freedom from Evils

Reason for Fights  (2/26/2016)

Renounce Likes and Dislikes

Renunciation Leads to Salvation

Renunciation of Egoism

Respect your Experience

Respect your Understanding

Salvation and Love

Salvation is Easy



Salvation through Dealings

Secret of Emancipation (02/23/2017)

Secret of Freedom  (1/22/2016)

Self-Realization without the Feeling of Ego

Singularity of Chanting the Holy Name

Silence as a Spiritual Practice

Singularity of Devotion

Something New

Special Grace of God in Unfavorableness

Spiritual Student  (4/03/2016)

Success in Human Life

The Existing Ceases to Exist    (6/13/2017)

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines

The Glory of a Guru  (4/03/2016)

The Main Obstacle to Spiritual Discipline


The Means of Beholding God Everywhere

The Means to Attain Happiness

The Method to Purify the Inner Senses

The Obstacle to Attain God

The Quintessence (Saar Baat)  (4/03/2016)

The Way to Instantaneous Self Realization

The World is Perishing  (2/17/2018)

There is No Delay in Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment

Think Over

Time and It’s Significance

Thou and Thou Alone

Three Easy Paths for Salvation

Three Powers of Man

True Shelter  (1/22/2016)

On Cows and Banning Cow Slaughter

Warning for Life

Way to Attain the Supreme Bliss (06/20/2017)

Way to Control Instability of the Mind

We are God’s

What is Truth ?    (06/20/2017)

Where Lies Man’s Real Progress  (06/20/2017)

Who are you doing (karma) for ?

Who is a Sadhak ?

Worldly Pleasures are the Cause of Miseries

Yoga (Karma-Jnana-Bhakti Yog)

Question & Answers with Swamiji (English Translation)

Advice Pertaining to Women

Atma (Self, Embodied Soul)

All is God  (Vasudeva Sarvam)


Attachment and Mine-ness





Satsang  (Association with Truth)

Unfavorable Situations

Useful for Householders

Question & Answers with SWAMIJI (HINDI)

Abortion (Garbh Paat)

Cow Slaughter (Gau Hatya)

Dealings in the World (Vyavhaar)


Guru and Saints

Hindu Culture (Sanskriti)

Knowledge of Reality, Essence, Truths (Tattvik gyan)

Our Nature (Swabhav)

Prayer, Calling O’Lord (He Naath)


Spiritual Disciplines (Saadhan)

Useful for Householders (Families)


ATTENTION:   Sadhaks with good voices and sentiments of Swamiji are needed to record few key lectures in English – mp3 format about 15-20 minutes, from Vishesh Pravachan or Q&A messages.   Please email us at if you are able to do this seva.