Does God also have a longing to meet us ?


Apr 5, 2018, Thursday

Vaishaakh Krishna Panchami, Guruvaar, Vikram Samvat 2075

Questioner ‒ Does God also have a longing to meet us ?

Swamiji ‒ He has an immense longing within to meet us.  No one else has as much of a longing as He does !  In His mind, He longs to meet everyone. It is due to this longing within Him, that you do not last in any situation for long. You are simply unable to stay put under any circumstance.

God is singularly unique !  He will make Himself visible to a cow and her calf, but not to great men and saints, nor the wise, nor the liberated souls !   He wants genuine love. He will not come when there is insincere love, not even if you are dying ! But if the love is genuine,  he will surely come. Out of love he ate Karmabai’s kichadi (lentil-rice cooked) ! Love is most exceptional of all !  

Questioner ‒ If God also desires to meet us,  then why does He not make us behold Him (make Himself visible to us) ?   

Swamiji ‒  God has given you that right, and if you think according to your right,  then He will appear. He has given you the right to love, but you become deluded, then how can he come ?   

He has not given you the entitlement over attachment, delusion, ignorance, enjoyment of pleasures, and hoarding. God has given all beings the right to love. All of mankind can attain God. But you all are entangled in enjoyment of pleasures !  God will not force Himself upon anyone. He never snatches away anyone’s rights. God hungers for your feelings.

From book ‘Not Me, Not Mine’ by Swami Ramsukhdasji



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