Question – Answer pertaining to a True Guru (Apr 15, 2018)

Questioner:  I am very old now, and still have not made a Guru, and I have heard that without a Guru salvation is not possible.  My mind does not accept as to who I should make my Guru? In this state, what should I do?

Swamiji:  Based on my inquiry and thought process the point that comes is that Guru makes a disciple attain salvation  

Gurvo bahavaloke shishya vitaatpahaarkaah

durlabh sa gururloke shishyah hytaatpahaarkaah  

I seek forgiveness from all, please excuse me, may you all not be offended about what I am saying. I have read such things in the scriptures; I have heard; I have understood and according to that; and not out of favoring any particular point, but straight-forwardly and in a simple way, I  share what I have contemplated on. I have no insistence on one way or the other.


It has come in the scriptures that in this world one can meet many Gurus that are the kind to snatch away a disciples wealth/possessions, but the kind that will put out the burning fire within have been extensively glorified “hytaatpahaarkaah”.  Just like we have many relations – mother-father, brother-sister etc, similarly if we introduce another relation “Guru,” with that, to think we can attain salvation, we can gain some uniqueness, such is not to be seen. Therefore until your doubts are not resolved, until the light does not shine within, until true knowledge is not realized, until love of God does not manifest, how can he be called a Guru?

From summary of discourse in hindi on Nov 4, 1993 at 2:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji.