He is a Real Guru Who Transforms the Disciple There and Then


Apr 17, 2018, Tuesday

Vaishaakh Shukla Pratipada, Mangalvaar, Vikram Samvat 2075

Questioner:  I am very old now, and still have not made a Guru, and I have heard that without a Guru salvation is not possible.  My mind does not accept as to who I should make my Guru? In this state, what should I do?

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Swamiji:  It has come in the scriptures that in this world one can meet many Gurus that take away a disciples wealth/possessions, but the kind that will put out the burning fire within have been extensively glorified “hytaatpahaarkaah”.  Just like we have many relations – mother-father, brother-sister etc, similarly if we introduce another relation “Guru,” with that, to think we can attain salvation, we can gain some uniqueness, such is not to be seen. Therefore until your doubts are not resolved, until the light does not shine within, until true knowledge is not realized, until love of God does not manifest, how can he be called a Guru?


Only he is a real Guru, whose refuge when taken, transforms the  disciple there and then. His sentiments change. But we have seen that those who have made a Guru, their dealings are the same as before.  They continue to have many likes and dislikes, similar to those that did not make a guru. He who makes a Guru, establishes a new relation, and in his mind becomes satisfied that I now have a Guru. As such Guru is he who gives a instructions for the salvation of the disciple and the disciple is he who is a devotee and does things according to the instructions of the Guru. “Guru sishya andh badhir kar lekha ek nahin sune, ek nahin dekhaa”.  Nowadays this is the behavior of gurus and disciples – One is blind and one is deaf.  The disciple does not listen or follow directions or advice of the Guru and the Guru without seeing, without personal experience, just like that, makes him a disciple.  Great souls do not rush into making someone a disciple; and whoever they make their disciple, the Guru becomes responsible to see to his liberation. Nowadays the state is, that the Guru does not know how to liberate….If the disciple takes the established path, then it is ok.  Therefore, only those who can liberate should have disciples and if they cannot liberate, then they should not have disciples. It is said in Marwadi “paani pijiye chaaniyo, guru kijiye jaaniyo.”  He who you know has the essential knowledge of truth, who is a liberated souls, who can lead you to your emancipation, and if you have faith in Him, then you make that person a Guru.

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From summary of discourse in hindi on Nov 4, 1993 at 2:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji.        



Even otherwise, it is a good reminder.