Take Refuge in the Lord and Study the Gita

Apr 20, 2018, Friday
Vaishaakh Shukla Panchami, Shukravaar, Vikram Samvat 2075

Questioner:  I am very old now, and still have not made a Guru, and I have heard that without a Guru salvation is not possible.  My mind does not accept as to who I should make my Guru? In this state, what should I do?

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Swamiji:  Arjun said “Shishyaste hum shaadhimaam tvaam prapannam” (Gita 2.7).  “I have taken refuge in You.  Please instruct me.” Thus the instructions are given by God Himself.  Similarly in this world the Guru of all is Bhagwaan Shri Krishna. If one believes the words of Shri Krishna and listens to the Gita, then he will attain the essential knowledge.  In the end Bhagwaan asked, O! Arjuna, have your listened to the Gita? And is your delusion gone? Arjuna said, my delusion was wiped out by Your grace. Guru’s kripa (grace) has immense powers.  This does not happen simply by accepting a Guru-Disciple relation. Therefore Arjuna says that it is not that by listening to the Gita single-pointedly, there was enlightenment. It happened due to Your grace.  Arjuna does not consider himself to be scholarly having heard the Gita properly and therefore his delusion was destroyed. He believes that the delusion was destroyed due to Bhagwaan’s (God’s) grace. The Lord showed the method in Gita Chapter 10, Verse 9.  In Verse 10, he talks about the extra-ordinary grace and in Verse 11, he clearly states

“Teshaamevaanukampaarthmahamgyaanajam tamah;

naashyaamyaatmabhaavstho gyaanddepan bhaasvataa,”

“It is only out of grace that I light the lamp of knowledge, to destroy the darkness born of ignorance.”  When there is such a Guru present, why are you going here and there, brother? Believe in Bhagwaan (God). Bhagwaan shares more than the Guruji, and He does not talk ordinary stuff.  Take refuge in Bhagwaan and read the Gita. This is the voice of Guru Maharaj. All will be alright. In devotion of Guru, one attains salvation, but not from the Guru. There is disobedience in your talk!  If Guru were to be the source of salvation, then his own disciples would have all attained salvation, and does Guru make a disciple? Or does the disciple make a Guru? When the fruit on a tree is ripe and sweet, then the parrot comes and pecks on it.  Similarly you become eligible and capable, then those saints living in the mountains, those living in Badrinarayan, they too will come and give you instructions. Bhagwaan (God) is present in everyone.

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From summary of discourse in hindi on Nov 4, 1993 at 2:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji.




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