A genuine seeker of truth, is not satisfied until his doubts are resolved

Apr 23, 2018, Monday
Vaishaakh Shukla Ashthami, Somvaar, Vikram Samvat 2075

See the life story of Eknaathji Maharaj.  What unusual and extra-ordinary devotion he had for his Guru.  Guruji sent him a message, to stay right where he was until he called for him. Eknaathji obeyed his Guru’s instructions and did not leave that place. Thereafter, the Guruji left his mortal body.  Even then Eknaathji did not leave the place where he was commanded to stay. Someone told him, “Marey Guru, roye chella, toh dono ko kyaa gyaan mila?”  (Guru dies and disciple cries, then what knowledge have both attained?). Guru does not ever die, and the disciple does not cry. Eknaathji Maharaj’s devotion was so incredibly, extra-ordinary that Bhagwaan (God) Himself came in the form of Shikhandiyaa to serve him, Guru is Eternal, but there is lack of eligible/capable disciples.  In reality, it is the disciple that is a rarity, not the Guru. It is rare, to find one with the quest to know. A proper recipient, who turns towards God is a rarity. Knowledge can be acquired from anywhere and anyone. The Essence (Divinity, Element, Truth) is ever present, for all. But if there is lack of quest to know, if there is desire for rest, pleasures, and for hoarding wealth, then how can he recognize a Guru?  The desire is for hoarding and sense enjoyment. Just like a hungry man cannot be satisfied without food, similarly, a genuine seeker of truth, does not get satisfied until all his doubts are resolved. He does not rest until he as attained the truth, therefore how can he be hindered? If one’s condition without attaining God, becomes like a hungry or a thirsty man, then God will surely be attained.

to be continued….

From summary of discourse in hindi on Nov 4, 1993 at 2:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji.