Mark of a Man of Steady Wisdom – Part 2


Arjuna: What is the loss by having this relish (taste) to enjoy sense objects?

Answer:  O Kuntinandana (Arjuna), turbulent by nature “the senses” even of a wise man, (who is practicing self-control) forcibly carry away  his mind to the sense-objects. (Gita 2:60)

Arjuna: What should be done to do away with this taste?

Krishna: Having controlled all the senses, one should depend on Me and depending on Me, he should become free from all worries. Thus the intellect of the person whose senses are controlled is stable.   (Gita 2:61)

Arjuna: What will happen if one does not depend on you?

Krishna: Without depending on Me, one will brood on the objects of senses.

Arjuna: What will happen by brooding on the objects of senses?

Krishna: By brooding on the objects of senses, one will develop attachment for them.

Arjuna: What will happen be the result of the attachment?

Krishna: From attachment will spring forth desire.  

Arjuna: What will be the result of desire?

Krishna: From unfulfilled desire, anger will sprout forth.    (Gita 2:62)

Arjuna: What will be the result of Anger?

Krishna: From anger, infatuation (delusion) will arise.

Arjuna: What will be the result of infatuation?

Krishna: From infatuation there will be confusion of memory. The aspirant will forget his thoughts and activities.   

Arjuna: What will be the result of confusion of memory?

Krishna: From confusion of memory, there will be ruin of reasoning power and the person will lose his discrimination.

Arjuna: What will be result of the ruin of reason?

Krishna: From ruin of reasoning power,  one will go to complete ruin. (Gita 2:63)


From “Gita Madhurya” in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram