Saints and Their Service – 6

The saint himself out of his own will attends satsang;  because going in front of those loving seekers, contemplating, thinking and sharing the words of God takes place, which is most dear to a saint.  Not only that, a saint feel obliged to those devotees who are in association with him, thinking that due to these devotees, some of my time is being spent in sharing about the glories of God.  Kaakbhushandiji said to Garudji – “Maharaj ! I am most blessed that you have given me satsang”


Tumh bigyaanaroop nahin mohaa

Naath kinh mo par ati chohaa

Poochihun Ram katha ati paavani

Sukh sankaadi sambhu an baavani

Talks of saint are so divine, that we are incapable of even taking a critical view of them, then what to speak of experience and realization of their words.

It is very difficult to recognize a saint by our intellect.  Ability to recognize them is possible by a saint or God’s grace alone.   On attempting to test them, we only will fail, because our way of testing is itself wrong.   Saints can be recognized by the means that were shared earlier –

(1)  On association, conversing and meeting with a saint, if divine qualities come,  if our interest and inclination towards God increases, and we progress in the spiritual path.

(2)  The saint does not desire any kind of service whatsoever from us

(3)  At all times, the saint continues to do for our supreme good,  without any selfish motive

(4)  In our eyes, he who is most knowledgeable on the subject of spirituality, he only is a saint for us.


Also from a gross perspective,   one way of recognizing a saint is that a real saint does not want women or wealth, he does not want honor or fame, nor does he want any material things, nor there remains any desires or craving for these things.

From “Jeevan ka Kartavya” in Hindi,  by Swami Ramsukhdasji.