Saints and Their Service – 8

There is one more point.   When there is nothing in between the fire and us,  we get burnt by the fire. However, if we wear shoes on our feet and then touch the fire, then it will not burn the feet.   Similarly, if while associating with a saint, we criticize, complain, condemn etc., and place such obstacles,  then even flawlessness will not take place. When unknowingly one touches the fire, it can only burn, however, if someone does not have the intention of condemning or criticizing a saint, and even if unknowingly has an association with a saint, then along burning away his sins,   the saint makes him eligible for God Realization.


Just as when a philosopher’s stone is rubbed against another ordinary stone, then initially all the mud and dirt on the stone rubs off and once the dirt is removed, thereafter, on direct contact with the philosopher’s stone, the ordinary stone turns into gold.   In the same way, time and again having satsang the dirt in the form of sins, will be destroyed, and in the end one will attain salvation. You may have seen in Rishikesh, Uttarkhand, where there are round stones and pebbles in Gangaji. The sharp mountainous rocks,  as they get splashed around, wobbling and rolling over in the ferocious gushing waters of Gangaji become smooth and round. They have not put in any effort, neither did they desire to become round. Simply by laying in the path of Gangaji, they have become smooth and round.  In the same way, if you lay at the feet of Saints (take refuge in them), then eventually salvation is inevitable.


There are two types of faiths –  (1) Steady and (2) Unsteady Steady faith is in that in which there can never be any thing lacking.  But faith that is unsteady, keeps fluctuating. The steady faith has the scope of increasing, but it can never decrease.  Even the faith that is not steady, can increase and over time can transform into steady faith, because even in unsteady faith, there remains the natural and innate spark of faith, that becomes steadfast and gradually becomes faith.

(to be continued…….)

From “Jeevan ka Kartavya” in Hindi,  by Swami Ramsukhdasji.