Means to Transcend the Three Gunas – 1

“Rajasastu Phalam Duhkham” – Rajoguna, is full of attachment.   Rajasika actions, are performed with the view of getting, pleasures, comforts, luxuries, respect and praise etc.  here and hereafter.  But these pleasures born of contacts (with objects), are verily sources of pain (sorrow),  (Gita 5:22). So the Lord has declared the furit of rajasa action is pain.   
Rajoguna (the mode of passion), gives birth to sin and pain.  A person possessing the mode of passion, performs sinful actions, which bear painful fruit.  In Gita 3:36, Arjun asked Lord Krishna,  “By what, is a man impelled to commit sin, as if by force, even against his will?”  The Lord answered,  “It is craving (desire),  born of the mode of passion, which impels a man, to commit sin.” 
An Important Fact
A person, whose aim is God-Realization, not mundane pleasures and prosperity, does not remain established in Prakriti (matter).  So,  he is not controlled, by the modes of nature.   Through spiritual practice, when his egoism changes and he has a firm resolve to attain his aim,  he realizes the Self, which transcends the three modes.   This is called wisdom (knowledge), of the Self, which has been delineated in Gita 14:1-2.  The Lord in this chapter,  has explained how a person can realize, the Self or Him, by transcending the three gunas.  
From “Sadhaka Sanjivani – Chapter 14:7” by Swami Ramsukhdasji.  

Ram Ram