Month: November 2018

Way to Everlasting Peace ( Nov 28, 2018)

When person becomes free of desire, longing, sense of ‘mine’ and ‘me’, he experience sustaining state of peace in him. The root cause is the ego or sense of ‘I’. After letting go of all other things, the ego still remains. Once the sense of ego (‘I’) goes then it is possible to let go […]

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita – Chp 15-18

Fifteenth Chapter A striver who firmly believes that God is the root cause of this world and He is the noblest Supreme person,  comes to know all and nothing remains to be done for him. One should seek the Supreme person from Whom this world has sprung and has been going on from time immemorial, […]

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita – Chp 11-14

Eleventh Chapter Everyone can’t behold the divine Universal Form whose vision Arjun enjoyed by God’s grace,  but everyone can see this world as an incarnation of God, and by having faith, can thus have a vision of this Universal Form.   When Arjun requested Lord Krishna to reveal His Cosmic Form,    the Lord by bestowing upon […]

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita (7-10)

Seventh Chapter A man must realize that the whole creation is nothing but a manifestation of God.  God pervades the entire creation, like cluster of yarn beads, formed by knots on a string.   In elements such as earth, water, fire, etc., in forms such as the sun and the moon, etc.,  and only God pervades […]

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita – 4 to 6

Fourth Chapter There are two methods to dissolve all actions and to be free from their bondage.   They are 1) knowledge of truth about actions, and 2) attainment of knowledge. God creates the Universe,  but He is not bound by actions.   Because He is attached neither to the action,  nor its fruit, nor He has […]

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita

गीताध्यायस्य निष्कर्षं ज्ञातुमिच्छन्ति ये जनाः तैः सुखपूर्वकं ग्राह्यस्ततः   सारोऽत्र लिख्यते ॥ First Chapter It is only due to delusion and attachment that a person becomes derelict in his duties, by getting stuck in the dilemma of ‘what should I do and what should I not do’. If he doesn’t come under the control of delusion, […]