Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita (7-10)

Seventh Chapter

A man must realize that the whole creation is nothing but a manifestation of God.  God pervades the entire creation, like cluster of yarn beads, formed by knots on a string.   In elements such as earth, water, fire, etc., in forms such as the sun and the moon, etc.,  and only God pervades in actions, in modes of goodness, passion and ignorance etc. He manifests Himself as the absolute, as soul, as activity,  as the world, as creator Brahma,  as Lord Vishnu, the preserver.  Thus God alone puts on the  appearance of the whole phenomenon.  

Eight Chapter

Whatever entity a man thinks of at the last moment,  (when he leaves the body), that alone he attains; therefore a human being should always be careful.

If he thinks of God at the last moment,  he attains Him and he is liberated from the cycle of birth and death.   Therefore a person should think of God at all times, in all circumstances, while performing his duty,  according to the ordinance of the scriptures, so that he may think of Him at the last moment also. Generally the thought which has been uppermost  in a person’s life, comes to mind at the moment of death.

Ninth Chapter

Every person is eligible for God Realization,   without any distinction of caste, creed, color, or country etc.  He can progress spiritually and can attain God, by depending on Him.  

God grieves and regrets that human beings eligible for God Realization are following the cycle of birth and death.  They follow it because either having a dis-inclination for Him, they have no faith in Him, or they embrace a fiendish and a demoniacal nature,  or they perform actions such as sacrifices etc., in order to reap their fruits. The Lord declares that even the vilest sinners, belonging to any caste, creed,  color, or country, by taking refuge in Him, can attain Him. So beings having received this human body, should worship Him.

Tenth Chapter

A person should think of God by utilizing his power of thinking.  

Whatever singularity,  or specialty, or greatness, or rarity, or beauty etc.,   is seen and attracts our attention, is in fact God’s. Therefore,  when our mind is attracted towards a person or an object, we should think only of the creator.  This is the Lord’s purpose in describing the Lord’s Divine manifestations (glories) in this chapter.   

From book in hindi “Gita Darpan” by Swami Ramsukhdasji