Only God is Mine

Human body has been received by God’s grace,  and only for realizing Him. Therefore leaving all work aside, become engaged in God.   He whose age is advanced, they must most certainly become connected with God. He whose age is younger,  they too must with a true heart become absorbed in God. Do all the work in the world,  but our real aim,  goal, objective must remain only God realization.    

As such the existence is of one Paramatma (God) only.   If you pay attention to the world, then all is going to go away,  and it is constantly perishing. Look at yourself, when you were born from your mother’s womb, at that time what was the state of your body?  And now how is it? The world is constantly changing, and God is always the same. The world will most certainly not stay put and God will never change.    That God is ours, and we are God’s – in this we must remain firm. Just as a small child says that mother is mine. If someone asks him that why is this mother yours?  Then he does not have an answer to this. In his mind there is no question as to why this mother is mine? This Maa (mother) is mine, that is it! In this there is no doubt at all.   In the same way, you too should have no doubt and with a firm conviction accept that God is mine.   Besides God, no one else is mine; because they all are going to go away.

That which you are most protective and careful about, that money,  property, house etc, will all go away. You will not even remember it.   If there is some way to remember this then please share as to where were you before this birth?    Who were your mother-father, wife-son ? Which was your house? Just as you do not remember your previous birth,  similarly you will not remember about this birth. That which you will not even remember, for that why are you so troubled for no reason?    This is all within your experience, that no one is yours. All have come together and will later part ways. Therefore accepting that, “Only Giridhar Gopal (God) is mine,  no one else is,”  become joyful.


 From book in Hindi  “Mere toh Giridhar Gopal”  by Swami Ramsukhdasji