Ram Ram for Diwali – 2020

Greetings to all on Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights – I wish that the real light (light of knowledge) is lit within all of us. Let no one be missed – small, big, young, old, man, woman, all. That will be a true Diwali. 

I see deficiencies in a number of us that are here. The deficiency that I see is actually my deficiency because there is no deficiency in anyone. God is everywhere and at all times – He is also within us – in our hearts (Gita 15:15, 18:61). How can the means stay without the end and the end stay without the means? All those who attend satsang are not ordinary people – I say this from my heart. Everyone should accept this fact that God is in our hearts. There is no difference between any of us. We are all the same. In the eyes of God and a saint – we are all the same. 

Sethji (Sri Jaydayalji Goendka) once said to those who were with him that there is no deficiency in anyone. The deficiency is perceived because God wants to use us.If we know we are perfect we will stop doing the work God wants us to do. I pray to you that please do not invite a new birth. You are all liberated and free. Remember what he said – I will not be reborn. All those who have come here are liberated. Sethji used to say bring others to “satsang,”  He too will be liberated. This satsang is going on due to His Grace. It is the work of devotees to spread God’s name and fame. 

The world is made up of objects and actions. All objects are actually God’s form and there is repose instead of action. Till you do not arrive at repose, do actions (such as – Divine Name chanting, reading the scriptures, selfless service, prayers, etc.). Action has to be done to arrive at repose. As long as you don’t attain repose,  keep doing.  Then the light of knowledge will burn inside you. This is an excellent opportunity – derive full gain from it. 

Let all move towards God. Sethji has shown such a simple path. He is with us in this satsang. Let us all celebrate a true Diwali this year – let there be light in everyone’s heart. All that is seen is God and all actions is His LILA  (His divine pastime). All the world is only God. 

Ram Ram
From Discourse in HINDI by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj,  edited and dated :   October 26, 2003 at 10 am.