Gita’s Sharanagati (Refuge in the Lord!)

In Gita, God has elaborated on various disciplines to attain Him.   There is no method, solution, that is left out by which man can attain His salvation.  The talks that can be shared by various mouths,  have been conveyed by Lord’s own mouth !  Thus Shridhar Swami a translator and commentator of Gitaji,  has written –  

Sheshaasheshamukhavyaakhyaachaaturyam tvekavaktratah |

Dadhaanmadbhutam vande paramaanandamaadhavam ||  

I pray to that exceptional, eternally blissful Lord Shri Krishna, who cleverly takes in with one mouth the discourses shared by  “Sheshnaag”  through his various mouths.     

Gita is a fathomless ocean of knowledge.   On studying it,   various new sentiments and feelings arise and they continue to manifest.   Yes !  if someone tries to understand Gita based on their intellect, their deep knowledge and study, then they will be unable to understand Gitaji.  If they take refuge in Gita and the Gita orator, and then try to study Gita, then the essence of Gita will automatically come to them on its own.   

Gita is a holy text which is out of the Lord’s grace.    Gita showers Her grace and after gracing, reveals Herself on Her own to those who take refuge in this holy text.  I have seen such people, who had no knowledge of Sanskrit,  but they were able to translate the meaning !  Even though they may not know the language,  the principles of Gitaji,  the feelings and sentiments come into their mind.   Approximately 60-65 years back, there was an accountant in Calcutta.  He did not know how to write pure hindi.  One day he said,  I wish to memorize the Gita;  but it is not financially feasible for me to pay a teacher.  I said to him,  you prostrate in front of God,  take refuge in Him,  and start to read the Gita.   He went home,  kept the Lord’s picture in front of him,  lit a candle and some incense,  offered some flowers and saying “Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum”  began to read the Gita.   In due time, he memorized the Gita.  I heard him recite the eighteen chapters with  all the other attendees.  There was very few flaws in his recitation.

Gita cannot be known where there is pride of scholarliness, –  such cases have also come in front of me.   There was a good doctor, who knew the deep meanings of Ramayana.   On Gita Jayanti day,  I shared some points from Gitaji, so he became interested in Gitaji.  He said that whenever I listen to anyone reciting a verse,  then I am able to remember it by heart; I therefore would like to know the deeper meaning of Gita.  I said to him to memorize the twelfth chapter,  and come to me,  then I will explain to you the meaning of it properly.   After a few days he returned saying, that I am putting significant effort in trying to memorize the Gita,  but I cannot remember the Gita !   As I understand, the reason for this inability to memorize is  that he had pride within that he is very knowledgeable and  that he is able to very quickly memorize the verses !  Pride is a great obstacle in the path of spirituality.    He who being free of pride,   with a simple-straightforwardness takes refuge in Gitaji,   he begins to understand the feelings and sentiments of Gita.   I have seen that those who have taken refuge in God,  experience such exceptionalness, which occasionally appears even in the literary works and scriptures.

Therefore taking refuge in God is a main point that has been emphasized in Gita.

From book in hindi “Jit Dekhu Titi Tu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj