Gita’s Sharanagati – 3 (Refuge in the Lord!)

Arjuna first told the Lord that “I have taken refuge in You,   please advice me”,   but immediately thereafter he says “I will not fight”  saying so Arjuna became quite –  

“Na yotsya iti govindamuktvaa tushnim babhoova ha”  (Gita 2/9).

Lord did not think this to be proper, but He did not say anything.   Due to being extremely compassionate, the Lord began to deliver His message.  

Moving forward in the eighteenth chapter,  the Lord said – 

yadahankaarmaashritya na yotsya iti manyase |

mithyaish vyavasaayaste prakrutistvaam niyakshyati ||  

(Gita 18/59)  

“Taking the support of your ego,  if you accept that I will not fight,  then this decisions of yours is false (illusion);  because your nature will engage you in war.”  

The meaning of Lord’s words is that the decision “I am not going to fight” –  this is in fact taking refuge in your egoism, not taking refuge in the Lord.    If he had taken refuge in the Lord,  then “I will do this and I will not do this”  –  such would not happen at all.   Taking refuge in “egoism”  is a great obstacle.   Taking the support of caste,  stage in life,  race, knowledge,  ancestry,  abilities,  position (post) etc.  and thinking that “I too am something”  –  such pride, does not let one take refuge.   Therefore God said to Arjuna, you do,  as you wish –  “yathecchasi tathaa kuru”  (Gita 18/63).

Listening to this,  Arjuna became scared that the Lord is giving up on him!  Seeing this the Lord said,  you are most dear to Me, therefore I am sharing with you the highest secret of all, for your eternal good –


In Gita, the word “Sarvaghyuyatam”   comes only once (Gita 18/64).   After this,  the Lord relayed two verses –  

Manmanaa bhava mad bhakto,  madhyaajee maam namaskuru |

Maamevaishyasi satyam te,  pratijaane priyosi me ||   (Gita 18/65)

“Fix thy mind on Me,  be devoted to Me,  worship Me,  prostrate thyself before Me.  On doing so,  you will attain Me –  I share this truth in front of you, since you are most dear to Me.” 

……. to be continued

From book in hindi “Jit Dekhu Titi Tu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj