Gita’s Sharanagati – 5 (Refuge in the Lord!)

All sins and sorrow take place when one turns away from God.   Turning away from God is the worst of all sins, and to turn towards God is the greatest of all virtues.   Therefore the Lord says –  

Sanmukh hoyi jeev mohi jabahi |

Janma koti agh naasahin tabahin ||  

(Manas.  Sunder.  44/1)
The root of sins and sorrows is eradicated when one takes Lord’s shelter (turns to God).   Saints have said, that to turn to God is complete virtue and to have good qualities and good conduct is half the virtues.   In this way, becoming distant from God is total sin and to have bad qualities and bad conduct is half the sins.

  Jeev (embodied soul) is a inseparable part of God.  To become distant from its very source, ‘jeev’ suffers and experiences great pain and sorrow.   When ‘jeev’ takes God’s shelter, then all sins-suffering comes to an end.   

An aspirant should want that with a simple-honest heart say –  “O’ Lord!  I am Yours”   Now believe that I have taken refuge in the Lord and God has accepted me.   In fact God cannot renounce anyone,   He has never renounced anyone and will never do so.    The Almighty Lord cannot renounce anyone,  rather He is incapable of doing so.    He has taken everyone in his shelter.   Only we only have become distant from him  and have turned towards the world  and taken the support of the world.   Therefore the Lord says that leaving the support of all Dharmas (duties),  take refuge in only Me,  and I will release you from all sins.  Do not worry.   The point is, do your duty,  but do not place your reliance on the thought that by doing your duty,  you will attain salvation.   Repeat the divine name,  chant the holy name,  pray,  read Gita-Ramayan,   study of the scriptures etc.  Do all these, but do not have pride that by doing so, I will attain salvation.  By making an effort, one cannot get rid of sins of infinite lifetimes;  because this power is not in a “jeev”  (embodied soul),  rather it is only in God.   Therefore God says –  

“aham tvaa sarvapaapebhyo mokshyushyaami ma suchah”  

In other words, I will release you from all your sins,  why do you worry!  

Jo jaako sharano gahai,  takahun taaki laaj |

Ulate jal machali chalai,  bahayo jaat gajaraaj ||  

If an elephant gets caught in the intense forceful gush of a turbulent  river, then he too, cannot withstand the pressure,  and loses his balance.  However a small fish,  is able to easily move around in the turbulent  waters.   Not only that,   I have seen that if there is a waterfall with immense thrust and force, even  then the little fishes are able to climb the falls.   The reason being that the elephant has taken refuge of the forest, but the fish has taken refuge in the water.  Besides the water, she becomes restless anywhere else,  she dies in the absence of (when separated from)  water.  If the water too were to carry away  and drown the fish, then what would the poor fish do?  where would it go?   Whose shelter would it take?   In the same way,  if we take refuge in the Lord, then no power can stop us.   Therefore God says that you do not worry –  “ma Suchah”.   It is a very surprising,  and very foolish and an ignorant (lacking in understanding) thing that we should be worried about our salvation, when we have taken the refuge in God !     ……. to be continued

From book in hindi “Jit Dekhu Titi Tu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj