It is only the mother who truly knows whether the child is really weeping or not. If a child does not shed real tears and simply utters the sound of weeping, the mother understands that he is just pretending! If the child truly weeps, the mother can tell instantly from his breathing. The mother stops everything she is doing and immediately carries the child. What is the use of a mother that does not pay immediate attention to her child in desperation! What is the use of her living, if she neglects the child? Similarly what is the use of God who is not paying attention to the one who truly longs, cries and calls out for God? If God does not meet such a devotee, then what is the use of there being God. If God does not meet one who is sincerely longing from within then God should not be there! 

 There was a saadhu (ascetic). A person approached him and asked him, “How can God be attained very quickly?” The saadhu said, “God can be attained by having ardent desire for Him.” What is the form of ardent desire? he asked. The Saadhu said that when one cannot live without God. That person did not grasp what was meant, and therefore he continued to ask again – “What is the nature of ardent desire?” One day the saadhu asked the man to accompany him to bath in the river. Both went into the water. As soon as the man immersed his head in the water, the saadhu pushed his head further down keeping it submerged under water. The man started gasping for breath, becoming every moment intensely restless. After some time the saadhu released him. On reaching the surface the man was furious and said that being a saadhu, how are you indulging in such things? I would have died today! The saadhu asked him what he was remembering at that very moment in time while gasping for air? Did he remember his mother, his father, his wife, or his son or wealth? “I was dying, this life-breath was leaving, at such a time how could anything be remembered? The saadhu said- you had asked me about the true form of ardent desire – you have today experienced a flavor of what that is like. When besides the One God, nothing else is remembered, and without attaining Him you cannot live, then God will surely be attained. Even God has no power by which to remain unattained in such circumstances.

God is not attained by actions. That which is attained through actions (karma) is impermanent. Money, respect, honor, hospitality etc. can be attained by actions. But God is Imperishable and Eternal. He is not the fruit of your actions, but the fruit of your ardent aspiration and longing for Him. But verily you have no care to attain God, then how can He be attained? God as if says, “If your dealings are carrying on without Me, then I can also make do without you. If your dealings are obstructed for want of Me, My dealings are also impeded without you. If you cannot live without Me, then I too cannot live without you.

From book – For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj