Really speaking, you have no ardent desire to attain God. If you attend holy assemblage (satsang), then you will definitely gain from it. You will undoubtedly gain from Satsang to the extent that you attend spiritual discourses and contemplate on what has been said. But if the sentiments are that God will not be attained quickly and that it may take many births, and then God will be attained after many births. But if there is ardent, intense desire to attain Him, then God will have to appear now. He is every moment eager and ready to meet us. If God does not meet His devotee, then whom else would He meet ? Therefore call out to him with a true and pure heart saying “Hey Naath! Hey mere Naath!” “O’Lord, O my Beloved Lord.”

“Sacche hrdey se praarthnaa, jab bhakt sacchaa gaaye hai
Toh bhagatvatsal kaan mein, who pahuncha jhat hi jaaye hai.”

When a devotee invokes Him with a sincere heart, his invocation reaches the ears of God and He has to appear. No one can stop God from appearing. When there is no other desire except God, neither to live, nor to die, nor of respect, nor of honor, neither for wealth, nor for family, then what else will be attained besides God? Whether you are sinful or virtuous, literate or illiterate, God doesn’t look at these things. He simply looks at your true and inner heartfelt sentiments. “Rahit ne Prabhu chit shook kiye ki, karat surati sai baar hiye ki” (Manas, Baal. 29:3) “God does not remember the mistakes committed by a devotee in the past! God’s is such that and He thinks a hundred times of the devotional love in the heart of the devotee.” (Manasa, Baal. 29:3)

He remembers the inner sentiments and feeling, and not the sins previously committed by a devotee. God’s is such that your sins are not imprinted in Him at all. Only inner longing, your exclusive and single-pointed aspiration is imprinted in Him. How can God be attained? How? If such a single-pointed longing and aspiration is aroused, then God will surely be attained. There is no doubt in this. Do not desire anything else except God, and then please see for yourself if He is beheld or not! Do so and check it out, then at that same time, I too will be tested, whether I am speaking the truth or not? I tell you this based on the authority given in the Gita – “ye yathaa maam prapadhyante taanstathai Bhajaamyahum.” (Gita 4:11) – “Whosoever devotee, in whatever manner he takes refuge in Me, I give them shelter accordingly” (Gita 4:11). If we are restless without God, then God also feels restless without us. If we cry due to separation from God, then God too will be sad and cry due to our separation from . There is absolutely nothing else as easily accessible and attainable as God. God states – “Ananyachetaah satatam yo maam smriti nityasha Tasyaahum sulabh paarth, nitya yuktasya yoginah.” (Gita 8:14)

“O’ Delighter of Prthaa! (the Son of Prthaa!). I am easily attainable by the ever-steadfast Yogī, who constantly remembers Me and thinks of Me and is absorbed of Me alone.” (Gita 8:14) i.e. I can be easily attainable by such a Yogī .

From book – For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj