God has called Himself as “easily attainable”, but “great Souls” have been declared “rare” –

“Bahunaam janmanaamante jnaanavaanmaam prapadyate, Vasudevah sarvamiti sa Mahaatmaa sudurlabhah.” (Gita 7:19)

“In the very last of all births (i.e. in the human birth) the man of realization, worships Me, realizing that all is God. Such a great soul is very rare.” (Gita 7:19). “Hari duralabha nahim jagatamem, harijana duralabha hoya, hari heryaan saba jaga milai, harijana kahim eka hoya.” “God is not difficult to attain in this world, but a devotee of God is attained with great difficulty. On searching, God can be found everywhere, but a devotee of God is only in certain places.” The devotees of God are not found everywhere, but God can be found everywhere. Wherever a devotee resolves to behold God, there God appears. God is the eternal friend of all beings. He is easily attainable by the sinners, the evil with improper conduct.

Mother attends quickly to a weak child. A mother had two sons. One son used to eat at the proper time and thereafter not eat anything. The other son used to munch on something all day. When both sons sit down for dinner, the mother gives roti (Indian bread) to the son who only eats during meals, because she is concerned that if he stays hungry, he will have to go without food till the next meal. The mother asks the other son to wait for the roti, since he has been munching on food all day long. Both the sons belong to the same mother, then why is it that the mother is favoring one over the other? Similarly one who desires nothing else besides God, God comes to them first and the foremost; because they are very dear to God. Besides God, they do not consider anyone else as their own. If they are sad without God, then God cannot tolerate this sadness.

A mother softens in front of her four year old child even though he fights with her. In worldly fights, the one who has the greatest strength wins. But in loving wars, he who has the most love looses. The child says to the mother, I will not come in your lap. But the mother out of her concern for him says – Please come! Please come to me son! This loving feeling in the mother has come from God. God has deep concern and longing for His devotees.
The entire world does not concern itself, as much as, the concern as God has for His devotee. The child is not as concerned about the mother as the mother is about the child. The child while breast-feeding even if he bites the mother, she does not get angry. If she were to get angry, would the child be able to live? The mother only showers her grace on the child.

Similarly, God is our mother for infinite lifetimes. He cannot abandon His devotees. He considers the devotees as the jewel in His crown. “mein toh hu Bhagatan ko daas, bhagat mere mukutmani.” God is ever ready to do the work of His devotees. Just as the mother cannot live without the child and the child cannot live without His mother, similarly, God cannot stay without His devotees, and the devotees cannot stay without Him.

From “Maanav Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye” hindim, For Salvation of Mankind, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj