Different Ways of Worship with their Fruit in the Gita – Part 1

govindaacaarya devaanaam pitrnaam yaksaraksasaam
upaasanaa ca bhootaanaam phalamproktam tu bhaavatah

In the Gita there is (either detailed or brief) description of the worship of God, preceptors, gods, manes, demi-gods-demons and ghost-evil spirits etc. with its reward as –

(1) Four types of devotees – the man seeking worldly possessions, the distressed, the seeker of knowledge and the man of wisdom worship God i.e. take refuge in Him (7/16). The worshippers of God attain Him (7/23, 9/25)*

(2) The preceptors are really those liberated, enlighted souls who lead a life according to the dictates of the scriptures . Obedience to them and translating their principles into practice is service to them (4/34; 13/7). Such type of persons who render service to their preceptors cross death (4/35; 13/25).

(3) Those who are seeped in worldly desires, whose sole aim in life is to hanker after worldly pleasures and prosperity holding the view that there is nothing besides them, perform rites recommended by the Vedas (2/42). The men longing for success by action worship the gods, for success born of action follows quickly (4/12). Those whose discrimination has been veiled by desires for mundane pleasures, take refuge in gods rather than in God, and prompted by their own nature adopt several rules and methods in order to satisfy their desires (7/20). The Lord declares, “Whatever god a devotee wishes to worship, I make that faith of his in that god steady. Endowed with that faith, he worships that god. But the fruit obtained by that worship is ordained by Me” (7/21-22). “Those who perform action with some interested motive as laid down in the three Vedas and drink the sap of the soma plant, purged of sin, worshipping Indra (the Lord of the gods) through sacrifices, seek access to heaven” (9/20). “The devotees, who endowed with faith, worship other gods, worship me alone but their approach is wrong.” (9/23). “The worshippers of gods go to heaven and having enjoyed the fruit of their virtuous deeds return to the mortal world. (9/20-21). The worshippers of gods attain the gods.” (7/23), “Votaries of gods go to the gods” (9/25).

*In the Gita, there is particular description of the worship of God. In this volume “The Gita, A Mirror” in several articles there is discussion of the worship of God. So here the description given is very brief.

From Gita Darpan, by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj