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Target is Not Far Away – 3

Parvatiji herself had placed an obstacle in the attainment of Shivaji by having the feeling that ‘only on doing austerities will I attain Shivaji’. Due to this thought, she had to undergo many austerities.   On having the sentiments of doing austerities, it was only on performing austerities that she attained Shivaji. In attaining God […]

Two principal Aphorisms for Spiritual Achievement

After wandering aimlessly through repeated birth and death cycle in 8.4 million wombs, the blessed Lord, our eternal father through His immense grace, has bestowed us with this human birth. Having come upon this human body, the individual Soul can very easily attain Salvation. Therefore Goswamiji Maharaj has said –  “Bade bhaag manushya tana paava. […]

Become Determinate on the One Aim of God Realization – 1

Human body is only for attaining God (Paramatma). etc. Therefore if man becomes determinate on the one aim of God Realization, then he will turn towards God.  On turning towards God, good qualities-good conduct comes on their own, and character building begins to take place.  However, if man forgets about his aim,  and begins to hoard worldly possessions and […]

Becoming Determinate – 2

Question:  How can we become determinate and firm about the real purpose (intent, objective) ?     Continued……   Swamiji:    The laws of today cause more hardship to those who have significant income.  However, it is not so for those people on nominal income.  Earn your bread and eat it.  All you have to do is sustain!  No one has the power […]

Become Determinate

Question:  How can we become determinate and firm about the real purpose (intent, objective) ?     Swamiji:  The real purpose of human life is God-Realization, salvation, liberation and serving others. For this reason itself you have received this human birth.  Anything that opposes ones spiritual discipline or goes against God / Self realization, should never be done, never ever.  No one […]

One Determinate Goal

Have a determinate intellect and move towards only one goal (Gita 2:41). Once you have only one goal you get a lot of peace. You are not concerned with anything else. There is nothing else to do. No concern with what anyone else is doing – you are only concerned with your goal – to […]