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God-realization is Difficult due to our Belief that It is Difficult

 (8) You have assumed God-realization to be difficult,  but in fact it is not difficult.  God-realization is difficult –  It is due to this belief of yours that God-realization is difficult, and to break-away from this belief is difficult!  God is ours.  What is the difficulty in climbing into your mother’s lap?   What abilities, […]

Attainment of the Ever Attained

God has bestowed upon Jeev (human being, embodied soul), this human body, so that it may attain salvation. From this view-point, in reality this human life is only for engaging in spiritual disciplines “saadhanyoni“. Simply by following one’s spiritual disciplines, a human being can attain salvation, he can be liberated from the shackles of birth […]

Enlightenment is naturally ever-attained

(6) Enlightenment is naturally ever-attained, but due to our past impressions (sanskars), past beliefs come in the way,  which are unreal, but we have assumed them to be real. Just as the belief that all work takes places slowly and gradually, by devoting time, then how can realization happen immediately ? How can the ignorance […]

God is Discovered

(4) There is a huge difference between creating (constructing) something and searching (and discovering) something.  Creation (construction) is of that thing which was previously non-existent. And search is of that thing, which was existent (present) from the beginning.  God is ever-attained and self-evident, therefore God is searched for (discovered), God is not created (constructed). When […]

How is God-realization Easy ? – Part 3

(3) The more significant and essential a thing is, that much it is readily (cheaply) available. We may not get to see diamonds and jewels for our entire life, then too we can live on, hence these are very expensive.   Food is cheaper (readily available) than these jewels, because without food we cannot live. […]

How is God-realization Easy ? Part 2

(2) It is a great misnomer that by ‘doing’ (making an effort), God can be realized.  Therefore doing ‘bhajan (devotion and worship of God), ‘japa’, satsang, study of holy texts, meditation, going into a deep trance ‘samadhi’, and so on, there is great emphasis on ‘doing’. One says, simply by talking nothing will happen, one […]