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Ram Ram for Diwali from Swamiji

Greetings of Diwali to everyone. Diwali is the festival of lights – I wish that the real light (light of knowledge) is lit inside all of us. Let no one be missed – small, big, young, old, man, woman, all. That will be a true Diwali. I see deficiencies in a number of us that […]

Two principal Aphorisms for Spiritual Achievement – 2

(continued) Now a doubt may arise that when nothing is mine, then why should I serve mother and father?  Why should I protect the objects and things. When I want nothing then what is the need for food and water ?   When I have no relation with anyone, then why should I help, why […]

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 4

The main point  in your spiritual practice is to decide on your aim, your intent, your goal (lakshya).  Truly speaking, what is it that you want?  A spiritual aspirant may do various practices such as japa (name recitation), meditation, adoration and worship, singing the glories of the Lord, etc., but as long as he does not fix, […]

Do Not Misuse God’s Generosity

A definite means to get rid of vices (flaws) is to not accept these vices in us, and to not repeat the same mistakes (vices, faults) again.  Repeating the same mistakes, time and again, makes the vices persist. Both virtues and vices are the kind to come and go, and we (the self) remain as-is. […]

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 13 – Part 2

Being thus established, one is not shaken even in the midst of the greatest affliction.  Even in times of great suffering, great pain, huge adversities he is not shaken. Even if his body is broken into pieces, yet he is not shaken and firmly believes in God. To attain such state is the ultimate aim […]

Attaining God – 2

In a game, if a boy is spotted by another he has to present himself and not to remain hidden any more. So as God is hidden everywhere, if an aspirant perceives him everywhere, then God would not be hidden, but would reveal Himself. (413) By turning away from all other sides, an aspirant attains […]