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How can all attain their supreme good (kalyan) ?

How can all attain their supreme welfare (kalyan) ? It comes to the mind that,   that you and I both should do, what I am saying, then all will attain their supreme welfare (kalyan).  First and the foremost, our main objective should be that we want to attain salvation. We only have this one […]

Self is Ever Blissful

‘Sahaj Sukh Rashi’ –  The World is an abode of sorrow – ‘ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā duḥkha-yonaya eva te’ (Gita 5/22);  ‘duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam’ (Gita 8/15). It is only due to assuming an affinity, a feeling of me-mine with this sorrow-filled world, that this ‘jeev’ (embodied soul) experiences suffering.  In reality, this ‘jeev’ is an inseparable […]

Two principle Aphorisms for Spiritual Achievement – 3

(continued) ‘Abinaashi’  –   God is imperishable;   therefore ‘ansha’ (fraction/inseparable part) of God is also imperishable –  ‘avinashi tu tadviddhi’  (Gita 2/17).  Though being imperishable,  it develops affinity for the perishable body and the world – ‘Mamaivaansho jeeva loke jeevabhootah sanaatanah |  Manahshashthaani indriyaani prakrutisthaani karshati ||  (Gita 15/7)    The Ātmā (self), an eternal […]

When does Spiritual Practice Begin?

Question: When does spiritual practice (Saadhan) begin in human life ?   Swamiji: When man becomes remorseful with worldly concerns and begins to reflect on these things, that is the beginning of his spiritual practice (saadhan). When man does not get happiness from this world, does not attain peace, then he becomes dejected. He experiences […]

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 13 – Part 2

Being thus established, one is not shaken even in the midst of the greatest affliction.  Even in times of great suffering, great pain, huge adversities he is not shaken. Even if his body is broken into pieces, yet he is not shaken and firmly believes in God. To attain such state is the ultimate aim […]

Man of Steady Wisdom – 3

||ShriHari||   Arjuna: You have told how the man of stable mind sits. Now tell me how he walks? Krishna: O Brother, his walk instead of being an activity, is in the form of an emotion. The Self-controlled striver is free from all attraction (likes) and aversion (dislikes), moving among objects with senses under control, […]