Category: Satsang (Association with Truth)

Significance of Satsang

Just as we are alive due to eating food, or else we would die, similarly by listening to “satsang” (association with Truth) the inner spiritual body of an aspirant stays alive, it remains strong,  or else it becomes weak.   Therefore daily one should do satsang.  There is never satiation with satsang.  Just as why […]

Not Me, Not Mine

||ShriHari|| Phalgun Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2074, Ravivaar Feb 25, 2018, Sunday continued….. Tell your friends,  that they should keep reminding you that this is God.   Make one such friend, that will keep reminding you.   Between yourselves, encourage and support each other.  If likes and dislikes creep in, then become alarmed,  become alert.   Simply by […]