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Only God is Mine – 2

Worldly work is getting messed up,  so let it be so.   It is the kind to get ruined.  Even if it improves, it will get destroyed.  Even if the whole world goes away, then too there is no concern.   Besides these two –  I and God, there is no one else.   I […]

Do Not Waste Time, Get Immersed in God – 2

Question: But how does one have this feeling of mine-ness with God? Swamiji: We are an inseparable ‘ansh’ part of God (Paramatma). In the absolute sense we are – “Ishvar ansh, jeev avinaashi.” He is our Param Pita (Eternal Father). “Twameva Maata che Pita Twameva, Twameva Sarvam Mama Deva Devah”. You are my everything. ‘He Naath, […]

Our Real Relationship

When one begins to relish ‘bhajan’ (remembrance of God),  then sleep,  hunger and thirst also go away.   One does not care even about these.  Sleep,  hunger and thirst are the the main things for the sustenance of this body,  but these too are forgotten in “bhajan”.   This means that our real relationship is with God.  If […]

To Remember God

(1) Remembering God is the essence of all the spiritual practices. The moment one remembers God, all unfavorable and inauspicious is eradicated. In this there is gains and only gains, there is no losses whatsoever.  To remember God in spiritual talks is most exceptional, the essence of all. Therefore while walking, standing, sitting, and at […]

How to cultivate Love an Devotion?

Question:  How to cultivate love and devotion?  Answer:   Reading the lives of those devotees and saints, who are freed from bondage of worldly life, will purify the mind, because it is more necessary to wipe out impurity of mind than its volatility.  By purifying the mind, the volatility of mind will be wiped out very […]

Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim – 3

He who has done virtuous deeds in the past life,  has been called a Brahmin with pure conduct, and those who are virtuous in the present birth,  are called “Rishi Swaroop” Kshatriya. Similarly those who are sinful from past births, are called “paapyoni”, and those who are sinful in the present birth,  they are called […]