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Sadhak Sanjivani

For Salvation of Mankind

Title : For Solvation of Mankind

Gita Prabodhani

Discovery of Truth

Title : Discovery of truth & Immortality

Art of Living 

Title : Art of Living

Is Salvation .. Guru

Title : Is Salvation Not Possible without Guru

Gita Madhurya

Benedictory Discourses

God is Everything

Be Good

Title : Be Good

Drops of Nectar

Title : The Drops of Nectar (Amrit Bindu)

Sahaj Sadhna

Title : Sahaj Sadhana

Let Us .. Truth

Title : Let us Know the Truth

Ease .. Realization

Title : Ease in God-Realization

The Divine Name

Title : The Divine Name

Invaluable Advice

 Supreme Bliss

 Household Life

Title : How to Lead A Household Life

Gita Press

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Title : Shri Ramacharitamanasa




Hanuman Chalisa

Gita Prakashan Books

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Sahaj Gita


The Benedictory



KS (Scanned)

By Topic

About Swamiji

Swamiji’s Will (A Humble Request)   Pdf

My (Swamiji’s) Thoughts Pdf

A Firm Resolve  Pdf

Abortion-Worst of All Sins   Pdf

Acceptance and Belief (Faith) Leads to Salvation   Pdf

Acceptance of Truth Leads to Salvation   Pdf

Affinity with the Lord   Pdf /  html

Aim of Human Life   Pdf

All Can Realize Godf   Pdf / html

All Dutiful Acts are Called Yajna – 1   Pdf

All is God   Pdf / html

All the Visible is Merging into Invisible   Pdf / html

An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God f  Pdf / html

An Easy Spiritual Discipline   Pdf / html

An Easy Means to Salvation   Pdf / html

Art of Listening to Satsang   Pdf

Art of Living in the World f   Pdf

Art of Living in the World - 2f   Pdf

As Is the Last Thought, so is the End Pdf

Aspirant, End and Means    Pdf

Astronomy in the Gita

Attained and Experienced

Attainment of Eternal Union   Pdf

Attainment of God is Not Dependent on a Guru   Pdf

Attainment of the Ever Attained   Pdf

Attainment of the Ever-Attained Reality

Be Careful   Pdf

Be Careful in Doing, Be Joyful in the Outcome

Be Good f   Pdf

Become Free of Likes and Dislikes   Pdf  / html

Become God’s and Chant His Holy Namef   Pdf  / html

Beholding God Everywhere   Pdf  / html

Behold God Everywhere   Pdf

Beholding God in Everyone   Pdf

Belief and Experience   Pdf  / html

Benediction from a Firm Resolve   Pdf  / html

Beneficial Advice for Children   Pdf

Benefit from a Firm Resolve   Pdf  / html

Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim

Benefits of Renouncing Desires and Fulfilling Duties f     Pdf

Besides God, No One is Mine

Best of All Spiritual Disciplines  - 1 Pdf  / html

Bhagwat Tattva – The Divinity of God   Pdf

Bhakti – A Divine Spiritual Discipline   Pdf / html

Bliss through Renunciation   Pdf / 

Body and Self are Different   Pdf / html

Call for Disseminating Gita and Ramayana   Pdf

Can we ever be Sad with a Companion like God   Pdf / html

Censure Greed for Money   Pdf 

Complete Surrender to God   Pdf / html

Connection, Disconnection and Union   Pdf

Country - Its Present State and Outcome   Pdf / html

Cow is the Mother of this World  Pdf / html

Cows – Protection of Cows is Man’s Eternal Duty   Pdf

Creation in the Gita

Definite Means for Salvation   Pdf

Relying on Who are you Comfortable Here Pdf

Desire is the Main Enemy in God Realization  Pdf / html

Description of the Indescribable  Pdf / html

Description of the Unreal  Pdf

Devotion and Its Glories   Pdf

Discipline of Action

Discovery of Truth   Pdf

Discrimination Between the Real and the Unreal   Pdf

Divine Lessons from Gitaf     Pdf

Divine Manifestation (Glories) in the Gita

Divine Powers in the Gita

Divinity Beyond the Ken of Instruments  Pdf / html

Divinity Beyond the Senses (Mind-Intellect) f  Pdf

Don’t Depend on the Unreal

Do Not Dominate Over Others  Pdf / html

Don’t Depend on the World

Drop of Nectar - Sadhak Sanjeevani  Pdf

Duty of Employees and Company Leaders  Pdf / html

Duty of a Spiritual Aspirantf  Pdf 

Duty of Soldiers in the Gita

Easy Means to Liberation

Effacement of Egoism and God-realization   Pdf  / html

Ego is Not the Real Self

Emancipation is Spontaneous


Essence of Dharma (Spiritual Truths)  Pdf / html

Essence of all Spiritual Disciplines  Pdf  / html

Eternal Union with God f  Pdf

Eternal Union with God and Its Realization

Everything is Only God

Experience and Faith  Pdf

Experience of Being Separate from the Body

Experience of Flawlessness   Pdf

Experience of Separation in Union

Experiencing Immortality

Faith and Enquiry  Pdf

Faith and Curiosity

Feeling of Mine-ness with God  Pdf

Five Golden Principles   Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 1

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 2

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 3  Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 4  Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 5f   Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 6  f   Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 7 f   Pdf / html

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 8  Pdf

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 9 f   Pdf / html

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 10 f   Pdf / html

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 11 f   Pdf  / html

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 12   

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 13   

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 14   

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 15B   

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 16   

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 17   

For Women  Pdf  / html 

Four Stages of Life (Asrama) in the Gita

Freedom from Sorrow  Pdf  / html

Freedom from Worldly Desires (Vairaagya)  Pdf

Future is Not a Prerequisite for God Realization  

Gain from Unfavorable Circumstances Pdf / html

Generosity of God in the Gita

Gita and Guru Tattva (Guru Principle)

Gita and the Vedas

Gita on Bhakti and Those Entitled to It f  Pdf / html

Gita on Character Building  Pdf / html

Gita on Performing Selfless Actions

Gita on the Supreme State and Duty

Gita Recitation Methods

Gita’s Knowable Supreme Truth  Pdf

Gita’s Sharanagati (Refuge)  Pdf  / html

Gita’s Yoga of Detachment

Give-up Dishonesty  Pdf

Give-up Your Insistence    Pdf

Glory of Equanimity  Pdf  /html

Glories of a Saint  Pdf

Glories of Srimad Bhagavad Gita  Pdf

Glory of Satsang (Divine Company)  Pdf  / html

Goal of Human Life  Pdf

God and His Devotion

God can be Assuredly Attained Today Itself!  Pdf

God is One’s Own

God is Waiting for Us  Pdf  / html

God is the Supreme Guru  Pdf

God Realization by inaction

God with Form and Attributes (Saguna) and His Devotion

God’s Extra-ordinary (Exceptional) Grace  Pdf

God’s Presence in Diverse Forms

Good Fortune through Proper Use  Pdf  / html

Greatness of Serving Selflessly

Greatness of the Great Souls  Pdf  / html

Guard Yourself Against Misfortune

Guru’s Grace  Pdf

Hanumanji’s Serving Attitude f    Pdf

Harm Caused by Hoarding Money   Pdf

Harm in Attaching Importance to the Perishable  Pdf  /html

Highest Spiritual Good While Relating with the World  Pdf

Higher Consciousness

Honor Your Experience   Pdf

Hope of Future is Undesirable in God Realization

How Can All be Liberated?  Pdf

How to Derive Benefit from Association with Good

How to Gain Happiness ?  Pdf

How to be Free from Bondage

How to be Free from Dependency on this World

How to be Free from Evils  Pdf  / html

How to be Free from Desire for Sense Enjoyment f Pdf  / html

How to be Free from Worldly Influence  Pdf

How to be Free of Attraction to the Fleeting and Perishing  Pdf  / html

How to be Free of Sense of Me and Mine

How to Handle Mistakes  Pdf  / html

How to Overcome Anger?  Pdf

How to Overcome the Fear of Death Pdf  / html

How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children  Pdf

How to Recognize a Guru?

How to Recognize Our Lord?

How to Realize - All is God

How to Remain Equanimous? 

How to Remove the Fickleness of Mind  Pdf  / html

How to Root Out Pride (Egotism)? 

How to Root Out Vices? 

How to Serve?  Pdf

Human Birth is the Last of All Births

I am Not the Body

Idol Worship in the Gita  Pdf

Immediate God Realization

Immense Grace of God in Unfavorable Situations  Pdf

Immortality is Self-Evident  Pdf  / html

Importance of a Firm Determination  Pdf

Importance of Objective  Pdf

Importance of Satsang  Pdf  / html

Importance of Serving f   Pdf

Importance of the Right Use  

Improving Householder’s Life f   Pdf

Be Careful In Doing, In the Outcome, Stay Happy

Indispensability of Satsang  Pdf

Indispensability of Association w/Truth  Pdf

Introduction to Gita

Invaluable Advice for Aspirants (Strivers)

Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru? Pdf

It is Essential to Get Rid of Interest in Transitory Pleasures  Pdf

It is Not Essential to Engage in Guru – Disciple Relationship

Jnana (Knowledge) w/Vijnana (Manifest Divinity)

Karan Nirpeksh Saadhan

Karma Yoga (A Material Spiritual Practice)  Pdf

Let There Be an Exalted Feeling of Belonging to God

Let Your Spiritual Practice Be Free from Doubt  Pdf

Liberation is Natural

Love, Lover and Beloved

Main Obstacle to Realizing God is Attraction to Pleasures  Pdf

Main Obstacle to Realizing Supreme Spirit

Main Obstacle to Spiritual Discipline f   Pdf  / html

Make Proper Use of your Situations and Circumstances

Man Himself Creates His Own Birth

Man’s Foolishness  Pdf

Man’s Inborn Guru -  Power of Discrimination “Vivek” Pdf

Man’s Real Relationshipf    Pdf

Mark of a True Seeker

Meaning of Each Chapter of the Gita  Pdf

Means of Purifying the Inner Senses  Pdf  / html

Means to get Connected with God   Pdf 

Means to Liberation

Mineness with God  Pdf

Mother  Pdf  / html

Necessity of Remembrance

Need to Improve One’s Nature

No Affinity with the Unreal  Pdf  / html

O’ Lord! Let Me Never Forget You!

Only God is Mine  Pdf / html

Our Own Yearning Lead Us to Welfaref   Pdf

Our Real Abode

Our True Relationship is Not with the World

Pain of Separation in Attachment

Painful Experience of Separation in Attachment

Path of Instant Attainment  Pdf

Peace through Renunciation of Desires

Perception of Immortality  Pdf

Perfection of Human Life in the Awakening of Love

Power of Holy Gita Over Evil Spirits

Practical and Priceless Talks for Aspirants

Prayer   Pdf

Prayer -  May You appear Dear and Loving to me  Pdf

Prayer and Refuge

Prayer and Worship

Prayer to the Purifier of the Lowly

Pre-Eminence of a Disciple in Attaining Salvation  Pdf

Present State of the Country and the Resultf  Pdf

Pride Leads to Distress

Prison – A Schoolf            Pdf  / html

Proper Use of this Human Body f   Pdf

Protection of Cows is Man’s Eternal Duty f    Pdf   / html

Purity in Diet  Pdf

Purpose, Intent, Objective

Quest for Truth and Self Realization

Question and Answers about a Guru   Pdf

Quintessence of Dharma (Righteousness)

Real Doctrine of God  Pdf  / html

Real Freedom from Disease

Real Greatness  Pdf

Reality and Illusion

Realization of Freedom from Evils

Reason for Fights  Pdf  / html

Relationship with God

Renounce Likes (Attachment) and Dislikes (Aversion)  Pdf

Renunciation Leads to Salvation

Renunciation of Egoism

Renunciation of One’s Desire and Easy Means of Emancipation

Renunciation of Thoughts of this World Leads to Emancipation

Respect Your Experience

Respect Your Understanding  Pdf

Saints and their Service

Salvation and Love (Devotion)

Salvation is Easy

Salvation is Natural and Easy  Pdf  / html

Salvation is Self-Evident

Salvation through Dealings

Search for a Guru (Spiritual Master)

Secret of Emancipation

Secret of Freedom  Pdf  / html

Self is Engage in God, Not the Mind

Self Realization without the Feeling of Ego

Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma in the Gita

Sharanagati - A Spiritual Discipline without the Aid of an Instrument

Shri Krishna is the Guru and Gita is the Mantra

Silence as a Spiritual Discipline  Pdf

Single-minded Determination

Single-pointed Determination

Singularity of Chanting the Holy Name

Singularity of Devotion

Singularity of Naam Japa (Divine Name Repetition)  Pdf

Singularity of Seeking Refuge

Social Order in the Gita

Something New  Pdf / html

Special Grace of God in Miseries  Pdf  / html

Spiritual Discipline of Beholding God Everywhere

Spiritual Progress is Not Dependent on Money

Spiritual Student  Pdf  / html

Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Divine Lovef  Pdf  / html

Subtle Desires – The Cause of Sorrow

Success in Human Life  Pdf  / html

Sudden and Untimely Death

Surrender to God  Pdf  / html

Taking Refuge in Gita

The Aim of Human Life (from Art of Living)f  Pdf

The Cause of Conflict  Pdf  / html

The Eminence of Bhakti (Devotion) 

The Exceptional Teaching of Gita f   Pdf  / html

The Existing Ceases to Exist

The Flow of Spiritual Truths  Pdf

The Gist of Gita

The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines  Pdf

The Glory of a Guru  Pdf

The Great Devotee Hanumanji and His Loving Service

The Main Obstacle to Spiritual Discipline

The Means of Beholding God Everywhere

The Means to Attain Happiness  Pdf  /

The Method to Purify the Inner Sense

The Obstacle to Attain God  Pdf  /html

The Purport of Gita Pdf

The Quintessence (Saar Baat)  Pdf /html

The Real Guru f Pdf

The Secret of ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion)   Pdf

The Secret of Karma (Performing Actions)  Pdf

The Significance of Guru’s Teachings   Pdf

The Significance of Serving   Pdf

The Transcendental Extraordinariness of Devotion

The Ultimate Frontier of Spiritual Practice  Pdf / html

The Vision of the Cosmic Form in the Gita

The Way to Instantaneous Self Realization

The World is Perishing (Flowing Away)  Pdf

There is No Delay in Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment  Pdf  / html

Things Received by Us are Not Ours  Pdf html

Think Over Pdf

Think Over -  Is God Ours or the World Ours ?  Pdf  / html

Thou and Thou Alone

Three Easy Paths for Salvation  Pdf  /html

Three Main Observances

Three Powers of Man  Pdf / html

Time and Time Again One Cannot Attain the Delight of Human Birth

Time and Its Significance

To be Free of Dependency  Pdf

Transcendental Love

True Humanity  Pdf  / html

True Piety

True Shelter  Pdf

Understanding the Value of Satsang  Pdf

Value of Time and Its Good Usage f   Pdf

Vibhag Yog (The Yoga of Division)  Pdf

Vivek - The Power of Discrimination 

Way to Attain the Supreme Bliss

Way to be Free of Attraction to Pleasure  Pdf

Way to be Free of Dependence  Pdf / html

Way to Control Instability of Mind  Pdf  / html

Way to Eradicate Anger  Pdf  /html

We are God’s

What is a True Guru (Spiritual Guide) Like?  

What is Knowledge of Reality?   Pdf

What is Real Progress?  Pdf  / html

What is Truth? 

Where Lies Man’s Real Progress

Wherever I See, I See only You

Who is a Devata?  Pdf

Who is a Sadhak? (Striver, Spiritual Aspirant)  Pdf / html

Why does the Embodied Soul (Jeev) Return to the World ?  

Why must we Believe in God?

Work, Service and Worship Pdf

Worldly Pleasures are the Cause of Miseries

Worship of Guru

Yoga (Karmayog-Jnanayog-Bhaktiyog)

Yoga of Equanimity

You all are Liberated(20020724_0518)  Pdf

Pdf of Gau Seva ke Chamatkaar (Gita Press)  Hindi Pdf


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