Month: June 2018

For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 13 – Part 1

Where there is none other,  is called exclusive. On one side is the world and on the other side is God. Between God and the world is the ‘Jeevaatma’ (embodied soul). When one has no inclination for the world and only inclination for God, then it is called ‘ananya bhakti’ (exclusive devotion). When one has […]

On Attaining God – 7

It is only due to accepting that the world exists, exists now and is ours,  one cannot realize (perceive) that – God is, exists now and is ours. (460) An aspirant admits that “God exists,” but that the “world does not exist”, this he does not acknowledge. It is because of this, obstacles arise in […]

Attaining God – 6 (Jun 28, 2018)

||ShriHari|| Attaining God In attaining God, the greatest hindrance is of desire for enjoyment and accumulation of things. By sharing the joy of others, the desire for pleasure is wiped out and by sharing the unhappiness of others, the craving for accumulation is lost. (452) The world is ever-changing and to trust such a world […]

Attaining God – 5 (Jun 25, 2018)

||ShriHari||  Whether you know the ‘Sat’ (Real, permanent) or not; but that which you know as ‘Asat,’ (Unreal, transient) shun it, then you would attain the ‘Sat.’ (Real) (444) The extent to which man is independent in attaining God, he is not as independent in any other work. (445) Ways and means are not as […]

Attainig God – 4

We cannot achieve anything except God and, whatever else is acquired, would go away in nothingness. (434) God can only be realized when the following five are not tolerated -“enjoyment of sense-objects, sleep, laughter, love of the world, and much talk.” (435) An aspirant takes longer to achieve God, for the reason that he tolerates […]

Attaining God – 3

So long as there remains the wish to ‘do’ or to ‘gain’ anything, till then, one does not perceive the eternal God. (422) God’s attainment results only after fervent desire.   The main reason is for not having such a desire, is the wish for enjoyment of worldly pleasure. (423) In the Satyayuga etc., whatever Godly […]