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Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

Thirteen years back, early morning after Aashad Krishna Ekadashi day (as per English calendar at 3:40 a.m. on 3rd July 2005), Param Shraddheya Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj left the mortal body and merged into Brahma.
Swamiji – The jewel in God’s crown will always remain alive in our hearts through his immortal teachings.  Let us live our lives in accordance with his principles and ensure that they never die. As Swamiji once said – The best service (Param Seva) to a saint is to live your life as per his principles and thus become like him. We all can do this service for him.

Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram 
Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram
(Antim Pravachan) 
One excellent, very easy, very straight forward point. That is – 
Do not have any desires of any sort, whatsoever. 
Neither of Paramatma (God), nor of Self (Atma), nor of the World, nor of Salvation, nor of Benediction, have no desires at all and be silent. Be still. Because Paramatma is present in all places, in the form of stillness. If there is no want, no desire of any sort, then Paramatma can be realized instantly, Self-Realization can happen, perfection and complete fulfillment is attainable !

This is everyone’s experience that some desires are fulfilled and others are not. It is not a rule that all desires will be fulfilled. The fulfillment of all desires is not in our hands, but it is in our hands to give up desires. When no more wishes, no more desires remain, then you will be naturally situated in Paramatma. You will realize God. 
No wants, nothing to do, no place to go, no place to arrive, nothing to study, nothing to practice, that is all there is – only these simple points.  In just these few words, entirely everything has been said  ! It is due to desiring something that we experience bondage in this world. On leaving these desires completely, once and for all, one becomes naturally, situated in Paramatma (God), as God is present everywhere, in entirety.

In all your activities remain neutral and impartial. Have no attachment (likes) and aversion (dislikes).

“Tulasi mamata Ram so, samtaah sab sansaar
Raag ne rosh ne dosh dukh, daas bhaye bhav paa.” 
(Dohaavali 94)

There are actions and there are objects. Both these are in Nature (Prakriti). While discontinuing relationship with objects and actions, depend on only Paramatma (God). Take refuge in only God,  That is It.You are already naturally situated in God.
In a dream a woman’s child was lost.  She was deeply distressed and grieving. But when she woke up from her sleep, she saw that her child was sleeping right next to her – The point of this message is that wherever you are, there Paramatma (God) IS completely and entirely present. Wherever you are, there itself be still !!

From last discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji on June 29th, 2005 at Gita Bhavan, Swargashram, Rishikesh, India, where Swamiji last resided.
Question:  Yesterday you said that have no wants.  Leave desires and become silent, of these two,  which one is more beneficial?  
Swamiji –   I am God’s,  God is mine, I am no one elses,  and no one else is mine.  Accept this.  Becoming free of desires and becoming silent –  both these are the same.  Let there be no desire at all,  neither of sense enjoyments, nor of liberation,  nor of love, nor of devotion, nor anything else.  
Questioner –  One is not to desire, but if some work needs to take place then?  
Swamiji –  Do the work with great enthusiasm,  do it round the clock,  but don’t have any want.  Understand this point properly.  Serve others, try to remove their sorrows, but in return do not want anything from them. Serve them,  and then become silent.  If working somewhere, take the wages, but do not desire anything. 
The main point is that wherever you are, there itself is God.  If you desire nothing, then you will be situated in only God.   When all is God only, then what is there to desire?    It is due to desiring the world, that we are in the world.  When there is no desire, then we are situated in God 
Discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji, on June 30th,   2005, approximately 11  am at Gita Bhavan, Rishikesh, India
अपने उत्थानकी तरफ चलो
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