Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim

We want to attain salvation,  we want to be liberated, we want to realize our real self, we want to be free from this body,  we want to be free from the cycle of birth and death, we want to be free of all sorrows, we want to attain immense joy,  we want to become free of all dependencies and attain eternal independence, we want to behold God, we want to attain loving devotion of the Lord –  these are different names according to his spiritual discipline, but in essence, they are one only. Spiritual practices are different, but the aim of all is one only.   The more unwavering and firm man’s aim is, that much more a man will advance on his own.

Just as brothers and sisters come for “satsang” then first and the foremost the thought that comes to their mind is that I have to go for “satsang”.   The means of reaching the satsang comes thereafter – whether it be by bus, taxi, cycle, walking etc.  This means all become available thereafter. One can also take the help of others to go for satsang;  but the decision to go to “satsang” has to come from you (self) only.  In the same way, we must decide that we have to realize God.   We have nothing to do with what others are doing or not doing etc.

तेरे भावें जो करौ, भलौ बुरौ संसार ।

नारायन तू बैठि कै, अपनौ भुवन बुहार ॥

What have we got to do with whether the world does good or bad? We have to do our real work.  Besides God Realization, there is no work as stable and permanent. Someruns after earning money,  others runs after becoming famous, some go for becoming physically strong, yet others strive to become very healthy and free of disease,  but all this work is never going to be perfected and entirely accomplished. Even if you become so, then too, it will come to an end. But if God Realization takes place, it will be once and for all.  It will never come to an end.

to be continued…..

From book ‘Jin Khoja Tin Paayiyaa’  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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