Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim – 4

I will share with you an extra-ordinary point, that however we may be,  but we are all (absolutely all beings) entitled to God Realization.   God has given us so much freedom ! This human body has been bestowed for the worship and devotion of God,  then the things for that love and remembrance of God are not held back, or else how would He say – ‘ये भजन्ति तु मां भक्त्या’ ‘ye bhajanti tu Maam bhaktya’ and ‘भजस्व माम्’  ‘bhajasva maam’ ? We would have also been able to tell God, that Maharaj ! You have not given us all the spiritual practices, tools, and things. You have not come to our aid, then how can we do “bhajan’?  But we cannot say such things, because God has given everyone, all the means and methods (tools, spiritual practices etc). Just as there is the hosting of a “satsang” somewhere, then first there is planning and preparation, thereafter invitations are sent to people.  The gathering hall is first made available, then people are called. Similarly, God has bestowed this human birth, then for His realization all the means, tools, methods (सामग्री), has been given from the very beginning. God has given even the worst of worst sinners and the most sinful ones also the invitation to attain Him,   as well as, the Brahmins,
Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras and women too have been given the invitation to attain Him.   Now what is needed is the unswerving aim, a firm conviction from our side to realize God.

In this world,  there are only two, that without any selfishness,  do good to everyone – God and His devotees.

हेतु रहित जग जुग उपकारी ।

तुम्ह तुम्हार सेवक असुसारी ॥

(मानस ७ । ४७ । ३)

Hetu rahit Hetu rahit jag jug upakaari |

Tum tumhaar sewak asuraari ||    

(Manas, Utter  46/3)

“There are only two who without any selfishness, will see to your supreme good –   One is You and one is Your devotees.”

One who indirectly sees to everyone’s welfare is God and one who both directly and indirectly does things for the supreme welfare of all, is a saint or a great soul.   There is one more thing that is exceptional about God, and that is, that even after giving everything, He does not let the receiver know that He is giving.

to be continued…..

From book ‘Jin Khoja Tin Paayiyaa’  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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अभी, इसी क्षण मुक्ति – स्वामी रामसुखदास जी

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