Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim – 5

God gives in such a way, that the receiver thinks that those things are His own and regards them as His own.  This exceptional quality is greatest (Number One) in God, and next (Number Two) in the saints and great souls.   The benevolence of God and Saints is without any cause or reason, there is no motive in their kindness. They do not favor any individual,  place, race, color, delineation, stage of life, sect etc., and are benevolent to all forms of movable and immovable beings. Such an eternally benevolent God,  out of His grace, bestows this human life and the time, tools, understanding, and abilities. All these four things have been bestowed only for the salvation of all beings.

Time, the means (tools, practices),  understanding, and abilities – these are not equally available to all;  some have less and some have more. However, there is one exceptional point,  that the amount of time we have, the amount of understanding, the means we have, the abilities we have,  if we engage it all in God, then surely, perfection will be attained, God will be realized. An aspirant makes the mistake that instead of properly utilizing the available resources,  he desires new – new means and tools, and wishes to accumulate more of these. The more importance he gives to these means (tools) etc., that much he does not give importance to God.  Giving significance to the practices and tools is an obstacle to God Realization . Therefore the time that we have, the tools / things that we have received, with that itself we can realize God.   If there is something lacking, then God fulfills those things. God’s kingdom is open to everyone at all times ‒‘यहि दरबार दीन को आदर रीति सदा चलि आई ॥’(विनय॰ १६५ । ५) । Whatever thing we are lacking,  when a need arises, it will be fulfilled. Just as by walking for a long time,  one gets tired, then without any effort one gets tired and rests, after resting, once again the energy to walk is restored ‒  this is everyone’s experience. With proper utilization, the power / energy increases and with misutilization, the energy / power is destroyed.

Here there can be one doubt, that God  has given us the time, the understanding, the tools, etc.  He has given us everything, but why did he give us the independence, the freedom?  We can make proper use of this independence, but, we can also mis-utilize this independence; we can commit sins, but we can also do virtuous deeds;  we can get bound, and we can also become liberated, we can do everything. Therefore, why did God give the kind of independence, by which we can destroy our self ?  The answer to that is that if God made man dependent, then there would remain no significance of this human body. A cow’s body is considered one of the best, her urine and cow dung are also pure;  but a cow cannot pray and think of the Lord, because she is only undergoing the fruits of her past deeds (karmas)

If God did not give man his independence,  then he too would forever become “bhogyoni”  – birth for pleasure seeking, and not “karmayoni”  – birth to fulfill one’s duty. God has given independence for man’s own upliftment and salvation.  But instead of attaining salvation, mans has misutilized this independence and applied it to other work.

In this way, man mis-utilizes his independence,  and blames God as to why He gave us independence?   If God were to not give us independence, then we would not even be able to do virtuous deeds.   If we cannot do inauspicious things, then we cannot also do auspicious things. This independence has been received for becoming liberated, not for getting bound.

to be continued…..

From book ‘Jin Khoja Tin Paayiyaa’  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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अभी, इसी क्षण मुक्ति – स्वामी रामसुखदास जी

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