Benefits of an Unfaltering Aim

Shivling” is for doing ‘puja’,  but if someone uses it to break their head, then what can Lord Shankar do?  Therefore, it is our duty, that the independence bestowed on us, by God’s grace, is utilized properly.  

However man may be,  God has given him the full opportunity for liberation.  God has given man two things – He has given man the means for enjoying pleasures and he has given man the power of discrimination (vivek) for liberation.   Along with the instruments to do work, He has given “vivek” so that man will be aware that with these actions he can go into the cycle of 8.4 million wombs and into hell.   And with these other actions, he can go to heaven. With these actions he will again get a human birth and with these other actions (by severing relationship with actions) he will once and for all be released from birth and death cycle.   Now man is independent in whether he properly utilizes his power of discrimination or mis-utilizes it. God has given man so much independence, that whatever sentiments and feelings he thinks off while leaving his body – he attains that very thing.  This is God’s immense generosity !

He who is merciful, cannot be lawful and he who is lawful, cannot be merciful. He who abides in the law, has to walk the right path.   If he becomes compassionate, then he will not be able to properly follow the code of conduct. However, this dilemma will arise when the one making the law is heartless.  God is infinitely compassionate; therefore the laws created by Him have both fairness and compassion ! Compassion pervades in his court of law. Just as at the final moment of life, if a man remembers the Lord and leaves the body,  then he attains God, and if he thinks of a dog, then he takes birth as a dog. It means that the price at which one can earn a dog’s birth, is the same price for realizing God – this is the great compassion that is there in God’s court of law.  The independence with which one can earn a lower form of birth, with that very same independence, one can gain the high forms of birth such as that of demigods. One can attain salvation, liberation, such is the exceptional freedom that has been bestowed by God.   He who does not remember anyone at the time of death, who only renounces attachment (sense of mine-ness) and ego (sense of I-ness), he too attains the highest spiritual attainment of Brahma.[*]

to be continued…..

From book ‘Jin Khoja Tin Paayiyaa’  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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