Month: October 2018

When does Spiritual Practice Begin?

Question: When does spiritual practice (Saadhan) begin in human life ?   Swamiji: When man becomes remorseful with worldly concerns and begins to reflect on these things, that is the beginning of his spiritual practice (saadhan). When man does not get happiness from this world, does not attain peace, then he becomes dejected. He experiences […]

Ways to Remain Cheerful

Ways to remain cheerful (joyful) –  Be free from likes and dislikes (attachment and aversion) to persons, objects, incidents and circumstances etc. Be impartial to all, remaining free from egoism and selfishness.  Fill the mind entirely with divine traits, such as compassion, forgiveness and generosity etc.  Have the feeling (bhava) of seeing to the welfare of all […]

On Cheerfulness of Mind

“Cheerfulness of mind, gentleness, calmness and contemplation, self-control, purity of thought – are called, the penance of mind.” (Gita 17:16)  Manah prasaadah saumyatvam maunamaatmavinigrahah Bhaavasamsuddhirityetattapo maanasamucyate.” (Gita 17:16) Let us focus just on the first word – “Cheerfulness of Mind.” It is called “Manahprasaadah. Cheerfulness due to contact of persons, things, country, time, situations, circumstances, incidents etc., is not […]

All is Only God

There are two divisions of all the scriptures (philosophies)  – theistic and atheistic.  Among the theistic scriptures the Gita is an important one.  The basic principle of the Gita is “Vasudevah Sarvam”  i.e. “All is only God”.   The philosophers, who are satisfied with their philosophy, with their opinion only, stopped there, without any further progress.  But those who were not […]

How to Concentrate the Mind

Question:   How to concentrate (fix) the mind? Answer:    I will share with you a very easy method to concentrate (fix) the mind.  Practice constant remembrance with your mind, repeating “Ram, Ram, Ram..” Do it in this manner –  “One Ram,  Two Ram, Three Ram, Four Ram …” but within your mind.  Neither say one, two, three, […]

How to cultivate Love an Devotion?

Question:  How to cultivate love and devotion?  Answer:   Reading the lives of those devotees and saints, who are freed from bondage of worldly life, will purify the mind, because it is more necessary to wipe out impurity of mind than its volatility.  By purifying the mind, the volatility of mind will be wiped out very […]