Month: November 2018

Make Proper Use of Vivek

There is predominance of ‘vivek’  in the human body. ‘Vivek’ means to thoroughly know what is ‘essence’ and ‘non-essence’, what is duty and non-duty.   Man has to make proper use of this ‘vivek’ (discriminative faculty). But man does not make proper use of his ‘vivek’, he does not give due importance to it, therefore he […]

Self is Devoid of Virtue and Vice

If we try to see (get to know) the world, then we will get nothing.  Because the unreal (asat) has no independent existence. It is only due to the existence of the Real (God), that the world appears as real.    An aspirant should not accept his affinity with either virtues or vice, then he […]

Immediate Peace

All objects pertaining to the body are continuously moving towards destruction.  So far these objects have not stayed with anyone forever, then how will they stay now?   From your side, release these things that come and go. If these come then great ! If they go away,  then great ! This itself is called renunciation. […]

Do Not Misuse God’s Generosity

A definite means to get rid of vices (flaws) is to not accept these vices in us, and to not repeat the same mistakes (vices, faults) again.  Repeating the same mistakes, time and again, makes the vices persist. Both virtues and vices are the kind to come and go, and we (the self) remain as-is. […]

Always Stay Cheerful

See !  there are many good messages in the Gita.  I will share with you one of the messages.  There is a description of austerities, of which one is the austerity of the mind.   The first thing mentioned in the austerity of mind is –  “Manah prasaadah” Cheerfulness of the mind !    See there […]

It is always the Festival of Lights for a Saint

Who is Ours?Think about this question – Who is ours? You will get the answer that except God there is no one else who is ours. The soul is a particle of the Divinity, immortal, conscious, untainted and blissful by nature. God is our very own. Only God is. Nothing whatsoever will stay with us […]