Why Should One Get Married

Question – Why should one get married ? Is it a necessity?
Answer – In our society there are two types of celibates – ‘Naisthika‘ (life long celibates) and ‘Upakurvaana‘ (celibates after leading a household life). ‘Naisthika‘ celibates are those who lead a pure unmarried life throughout their life; while ‘Upakurvaana‘ celibates are those who after reflection are unable to renounce the desire for pleasure, so they lead a married life in order to root out this desire for pleasures. It means that those who, after much thought and reflection, can’t renounce the desire for pleasure, get married, to see for themselves, to experience and realize that this desire for pleasure is not the kind that can be rooted out through enjoyment of pleasures. Therefore there is provision made to go into two more social orders after ‘grahastha ashram’ (householder order). The other two social orders namely the ‘vaanaprastha’ (retired) and the ‘sanyaasi’ (life of a renunciate) in our society. It is not humanity to continue to remain all the time in householder life and indulge in enjoyment of pleasures.
He who has a desire to enjoy mundane pleasures or he who wants the family succession to continue and has no brother to carry on the family succession, he should get married in order to wipe out the desire for pleasure or to continue the family succession. If he has none of the above mentioned two desires, he need not get married. In the scriptures, the path of renunciation has been declared to be the supreme – ‘Nivruttistu mahaphala‘.
From book in hindi “How to Lead a Household Life” by Swami Ramsukhdasji