How to Follow the Path of a Renunciate?

Question – How to follow the path of a renunciate, when it is forbidden in Kali-age ?
Answer – It is forbidden in the Kali-age because in this age it is very difficult to follow this path properly. Therefore just like retired government servants, he should retire from the domestic duties and having handed over the family duties and responsibilities to his sons and grand sons, should devote himself to devotion to God. If his sons want, he should have affinity for his family in order to receive food and clothes for the mere maintenance. If the sons don’t want it, he should renounce the affinity even for the mere maintenance. He should not worry for the maintenance of his body because Saint Tulasidasa declares – Fate is decided first and then the body is bestowed. So why should a person worry ? He should recite Lord Rama’s name with devotion.
From book in hindi “How to Lead a Household Life” by Swami Ramsukhdasji