Question – How to lead a household life ?

Answer – This human body, and that too in the household order (grahastha ashram) is a school to attain salvation. This human body is not for indulging in sense pleasures and for rest and relaxation ‘Yahin tana kar phal bishaya na bhaayi‘ ( Manas, Uttar 44/1) . Even the attainment of the world of Brahma, by performing righteous deeds and religious sacrifices etc. is not that praiseworthy, as he has to return from there as well. Lord Krishna declares, ‘Aabrahmabhuvanaalokaah Punaraavartinah‘ ‘All worlds, including that of Brahma are subject to return (Gita 8/16). Therefore a householder should have the sentiment and feeling of seeing to the welfare of all beings, and should provide comfort to others, as per his ability, with his body, mind, intellect and rights. To renounce his own comforts, for the happiness and comfort of others is true humanity.


From book in hindi “How to Lead a Household Life” by Swami Ramsukhdasji