For Spiritual Aspirants – Discourse 14

If a devotee leaves behind two thoughts –

‘this should happen, this should not happen’,

and obeys God’s command in doing his work,  then he can easily attain God. He can easily attain liberation and supreme welfare. Ramayana says –

Kabahu kari karuna nar dehi

Det iss binu hetu sanehi.           


The ever compassionate God on His own, out of his graciousness,  without any reason gives beings a human body. He showers his graciousness so that human beings can attain their own supreme good.  May man attain his salvation,  with such sentiments God bestows this human body.   Hence, from God’s side he has resolved to uplift man. But man gets caught in the web of – it should happen like this, it should not happen like this’ and gets caught in its bondage, and this is what is called desire.

The renunciation of desire that Gita talks about, means giving up these two things – ‘it should happen this way, it should not happen this way.’   By renouncing all the desires in this way, human beings will not have any association with this world and then by God’s grace and by God’s resolve, he will surely be uplifted – undoubtedly.

It is God’s nature to shower His grace without any cause – ‘Binu Hetu Sanehi’.  Hence, it is God’s resolve that man should be uplifted. God’s resolve is always true, ever existent and self-evident. Therefore, man doesn’t have to do anything for his welfare. Only one thing has to be done, that they don’t interfere in God’s work by saying ‘It should happen this way or it should not happen this way’ – Remove this interference,  then his upliftment will happen automatically.

to be continued

From book FOR SPIRITUAL ASPIRANTS –  By Swami Ramsukhdasji