Month: May 2019

Self is Free from I-ness and Mineness

Self is free from egoism (I-ness) and mine-ness, but only appears one (together) due to a presumed relationship. Identification with “I” and “mine-ness” brings about worldliness, whereas identification with “am” “Is-ness” or “Existence,” brings about desire for salvation or God. Be Free from Egoism and Mine-ness For every aspirant, it is very essential to become free from […]

Man becomes a Slave due to his Affinity with the World

The moment man accepts his affinity with the world, he becomes trapped and suffers many sorts of pain.  He believes that this body, wealth , property, house, family etc, are his and he is their master, but in fact,  he becomes their slave. The misconception is that of becoming a master, but instead he becomes […]

God’s Grace

Grace of God is showering uninterruptedly on us, but we simply do not look towards that!  We disregard this grace, we disrespect it,  we dishonor it,  then too God does not leave His compassionate and merciful nature.  He continues to shower His grace.  A child does not disrespect the mother any less, for he urinates and excretes somewhere, he spits […]