Month: July 2019

Self is Ever Blissful

‘Sahaj Sukh Rashi’ –  The World is an abode of sorrow – ‘ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā duḥkha-yonaya eva te’ (Gita 5/22);  ‘duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam’ (Gita 8/15). It is only due to assuming an affinity, a feeling of me-mine with this sorrow-filled world, that this ‘jeev’ (embodied soul) experiences suffering.  In reality, this ‘jeev’ is an inseparable […]

Target is Not Far Away – 2

There is on exceptionally significant point on this subject, that all the worldly work is the kind to be created (come into being) and later perish.  In the work that comes into being (is created), there can be a delay, but how can there be a delay in the work which is already completed (present, […]

Naam Japa and Ganga Jal

Whether your mind engages or not, do not leave ‘Naam Japa’ (recitation of Lord’s Name). Divine Name has so much power, that it will also engage your mind.   If someone asks you something, then reply to them. If you need to ask something, then ask, and if you need to tell (instruct) someone something, […]

Target is Not Far Away

There is one exceptional point, to which spiritual aspirants pay very little attention.  If one pays close attention towards it, then very quickly, immense benefit can be realized. Aspirants have the wrong notion deeply ingrained within, that just as doing worldly work, as you keep working at it, in due time it is completed. It […]

Two principle Aphorisms for Spiritual Achievement – 3

(continued) ‘Abinaashi’  –   God is imperishable;   therefore ‘ansha’ (fraction/inseparable part) of God is also imperishable –  ‘avinashi tu tadviddhi’  (Gita 2/17).  Though being imperishable,  it develops affinity for the perishable body and the world – ‘Mamaivaansho jeeva loke jeevabhootah sanaatanah |  Manahshashthaani indriyaani prakrutisthaani karshati ||  (Gita 15/7)    The Ātmā (self), an eternal […]

On Austerity

Question:  Oh Lord, How many different kinds of austerities are there? Swamiji:  Austerities are of three kinds – of body, speech and mind. Worship of Gods, Brahmanas, teachers and liberated souls; to maintain purity of body by cleansing with water and earth; activities performed by the body must be straightforward and simple, uprightness, continence and […]