How to Realize Everything is God?

Question:  “Everything is God”, what is the method of realizing this fact ?
How is it accomplished?

Swamiji:  If we want to realize “Everything is God”, then we should hold firmly that the body, which we presume to be our own, has been attained by us from the world, and it shall perish some day, therefore it is not ours. This is a fact that the body was not mine before my birth and it shall not remain mine after death and even in the present time it is separating from me every moment. The body has separated from me to the extent that years have gone by and the years remaining are unknown.

From the view point of the Discipline of Action, the body belongs to the World,

From the view point of the Discipline of Knowledge, the body belongs to Nature,

From the viewpoint of the Discipline of Devotion, the body belongs to God.

The body is simply not mine – this is the truth. That which is acquired and later departs from us, how can it be ours? 1) The body is acquired, 2) It will depart and 3) It is continuously deserting and separating from us – these three facts are undoubtedly true.

Thus if we by regarding the body as the world’s, use it in rendering service to the world and desire no evil with our body, mind and speech, then “All is God” will be realized. We have to render the service for which we are capable of rendering (i.e. in our capacity to render) and which according to the ordinance of the scriptures, is justified.
One very important point is that instead of trying to do something good for others, we should not inflict harm on anybody. It is a supreme form of spiritual discipline. We have to labor in doing good deeds, but we do not have to labor in not doing evil to others. By not doing evil acts, two things will happen – either we will do nothing or we will do a noble deed (by not harming, or hurting any one).
By doing absolutely nothing, we automatically and naturally rest in God, because by doing something we become established in the world. By doing good deeds, we can become proud of ourselves, but by not indulging in any evil activity, there is no question of pride. Therefore, avoid evil at all cost. Neither do evil to others, nor think evil of others, nor utter evil words to others.
From “Discover of Truth and Immortality” in English pg 188 by Swami Ramsukhdasji