How can all attain their supreme good (kalyan) ?

How can all attain their supreme welfare (kalyan) ?

It comes to the mind that,   that you and I both should do, what I am saying, then all will attain their supreme welfare (kalyan).  First and the foremost, our main objective should be that we want to attain salvation. We only have this one wish, one demand, one need, one requirement.  There is also a saying –

‘Ekai Sadhe, Sab Sadhe, Sab Sadhe, Sab Jaay.’

On accomplishing one thing, all other work is accomplished.  And if you try to accomplish many different things, then nothing, no work will get accomplished.   Therefore first and the foremost, it is essential to remove the natural tendencies from all angles, and direct them all to the one objective of attaining ‘kalyan’ (supreme welfare).   Now, with this objective in mind, spiritual practices ‘saadhan’ must take place continuously. One must give some thought for this continuity.

Many things come in front of us – work-business, time, persons, things, etc.   The feeling is that umpteen types of work-business comes before us in the form of duty, and we have at our disposal time, that is, the life span that we have received in the form of day-night, month, years etc.  Thirdly various people come infront of us – our mother-father, wife-children, family etc. Fourthly comes, money, house, things etc. For all of them we have to do various different type of activities. Sometimes is happens that it is time for satsang, so go do satsang.  Now it is time for dinner, then have your meal, not it is time to rest, then rest, now I have to read, then do so. In this manner, there is work to be done for livelihood, for cooking, for up bringing children, sleeping, cleansing the body, bathing in Gangaji. Like that,  time and again, many different types of work come before us. Therefore there will be a division of work and division of time. Similarly, there will also be a division of things and persons, that these are ours and those are not ours. But to make all of these individual and separate things as one, is not in our control and it not proper either.   How then will the aim, the objective be one? Through thinking, one can remove the feeling of divisions. How is this possible? Things will remain different, persons will remain different, their use will also be different, time will also remain separate, and the work-business will also surely remain separate. And granted it should remain so. It is not unfair for it to remain separate.  Then what and how to do one ‘sadhan’ (spiritual disciple). Since our aim is one, but many things come before us. We have to earn a living to provide for the family, to bring things for them, time to time rest is needed, need to sleep as well, eat and drink as well. All of this will be separate activity. Then the question arises, that how can there be one aim, one objective?

In this there is one very important point that is worth understanding.  ‘For what’ are we doing all these different tasks ? ‘For what’ when aim are numerous, then we are bound.  Sometimes the aim is knowledge, sometimes fame, sometimes money, sometimes esteem and prestige, sometimes good health.  Sometimes the aim is God-realization, sometimes the aim is devotion and meditation on God. On it being so, we are not able to do our spiritual practices.   ‘Sab Sadhe, Sab Jaaye.’ – No work gets accomplished. Therefore let our sentiments and feelings be only one,  that we will do all work, but do it to please our Lord !   For His happiness.

From book “Ek Sadhe, Sab Sadhe’ by Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj