Month: September 2019

The Essence of “Dharma”

Shrooyataam dharmasarvasvam shrutvaa chaivaavadhaaryataam Aatmanah pratikoolaani pareshaan na samaacharet ||   (Padmapuraan, shrushti  19/357-358)   “Dharmasarvasva” meaning if the entire “Dharma” (spiritual and moral laws) can be said in a few words,  then it is –  that which is unfavorable to me,  I must not do to others. In this is the essence of all scriptures.   Just as you may have the inner sentiment that may each and every person be of […]

God’s Grace (2)

God-realization will not be due to our power and strength, rather it will be due to God’s power, His mercy.  It is due to His grace, that all work has been accomplished, is being done, and will get done. If we look at our lives, it is a wonder as to how did we get […]

Flaws are Not in You

It is a great thing when man begins to see his flaws.   The more clearly he see his flaws, the more he will sever relationship with that flaw.  This is the essence, a noteworthy point.   When an aspirant sees flaws in himself,  he becomes fearful, and begins to suffers, wondering what to do?  He […]

Genuine Prayer

When our intellect becomes dull,  our tactics and our efforts all fail,  at such a time genuine prayer takes place.  On the other hand, when subtle pride remains due to some power and abilities  etc., then genuine prayer does not takes place. When the prayers are not genuine (fake), the work will not get done.  […]