How to Gain Happiness

That which pleases the mind-senses is pleasure (happiness, joyous) and that which appears to displease the mind, is displeasure (unhappiness). This is the common explanation on pleasure (happiness) and displeasure (unhappiness) from ordinary people.

We think that if we get food, clothing, houses, cars, land-property, knowledge, medicines and various other things etc. at a low cost and in ample quantity then we will become happy. However, think whether those who have these things in abundance, are they in fact happy? 

Not at all, because by accumulating things, increases the craving for those things and craving is the root cause of all “dukh” unhappiness, sorrow and suffering. In Gita, when Arjuna asked Lord Krishna about the main reason for committing sins, the cause of suffering,  to this, the Lord replied “DESIRES” (craving) is the main cause of sinful acts. Veritably the main reason for pain and suffering is also desire “craving” only. 
If you look at the root cause of suffering of those in prison, in hell, or wherever there is suffering, then you will come to know that at one time or the other they had sinned, due to a desire (“craving”) or at present there is craving for things.  Objects cannot be acquired by desiring or “craving” for them. Even worldly people do not give to those who “want” , rather they insist and force those who do not wish to take, and happily, with much pleasure they want to give to them.
If even any one person gets all the worldly objects that he desires, then too he will not be satisfied, because his craving will further increase 
“jimi prati laabh lobh adhikaayi.” 
The reason that craving increases, is that you experience a lack of something within, and as long as you experience a lack of something within, till then, how can there ever be any happiness, rather only unhappiness, pain and sorrow will increase.  (to be continued…)  

‒From book in Hindi `Jeevan ka Kartavya’ by Swami Ramsukhdasji 

व्यर्थ-चिंतन कैसे मिटे ? स्वामी रामसुखदासजी 

Vyarth Chintan Kaise Mite ? Swami Ramsukhdasji

व्यर्थ-चिंतन कैसे मिटे ? स्वामी रामसुखदासजी Vyarth Chintan Kaise Mite ? Swami Ramsukhdasji