How to Gain Happiness – 4

Some brothers are of the notion that if money is taken away from the wealthy people and distributed among those who have very little, then all will become happy. However, one must think over the kind of happiness the rich have, as it is mixed with sorrow.  It is happiness in which they are burning night and day. They are never at peace. Therefore the happiness and pleasure that you will get from them, will be of the same kind. That is it the kind of happiness that is mixed with sorrow and suffering. Therefore from whoever you seize money and possessions, they will certainly experience great difficulty. But by taking from the rich and giving them hardships, how can those who get be happy? There will be only burning within and whoever that wealth is given to, they too will experience the same burning, sadness, lack of peace and distress.

It is a rule that if the giver gives unconditionally and the receiver is one who serves, a servant who does not want to take, then generosity will arise in the giver, and he will experience great pleasure in giving.  And on seeing the pleasure and contentment of the giver, the one who is receiving receives with the attitude of renunciation, then he will also experience immense joy. Thus that nectar-filled object wherever it goes, there too it will create an atmosphere of happiness, peace and joy. Then only all will experience happiness and then only everyone’s heart-felt sentiments will be generous; because happiness is not in objects; happiness and pleasure is in the generosity of our heart.

It is a declaration of the holy text that  –  
Yaccha kaamsukham loke yacch divyam mahatsukham | Trushnaakshayasukhasaite naarhatah shodashim kalaam || 

All the pleasures born of sense objects in the world and the great heavenly pleasures, both these are not equivalent to a sixteenth portion of the happiness derived from destroying thirst (desires).

A poet has beautifully expressed this – 
Chaah gayi chinta mitee manuvaa beparavaah 
Jisako kachu na chaahiye soyi shaahamshaah || 


Therefore it is not that there is suffering and sorrow from lack of things, the sorrow and unhappiness is from the feeling of the lack of things.


‒From book in Hindi `Jeevan ka Kartavya’ by Swami Ramsukhdasji