Month: November 2019

How do we deal with unfavorable situations?

Question:  How do we deal with unfavorable situations? Swamiji:  In God’s pleasure and happiness is our happiness. When we follow His directions, He becomes indebted to us. When a situation comes to us (from God), then why must we question it? All unfavorable situations (pratikulataa) result in exhausting our sins. It is almost as if the […]

How can we make progress on the spiritual path?

Question:  We are following the spiritual path, how can we make progress on this path? Swamiji:  The main obstacles to spiritual progress are the worldly relations that we have assumed in our lives, to be ours. It is the delusion, the attachments (moha) that we have assumed with the world. Become free of these delusions. Our […]

Only God is Mine – 2

Worldly work is getting messed up,  so let it be so.   It is the kind to get ruined.  Even if it improves, it will get destroyed.  Even if the whole world goes away, then too there is no concern.   Besides these two –  I and God, there is no one else.   I […]

Only God is Mine

Human body has been received by God’s grace,  and only for realizing Him. Therefore leaving all work aside, become engaged in God.   He whose age is advanced, they must most certainly become connected with God. He whose age is younger,  they too must with a true heart become absorbed in God. Do all the […]

Greatness of the Great Saints

It has been said about great saints – 1) The liberated great souls, continuously remain established in the self or in God. Their life, their company, their thoughts and the air touching their bodies, lead human beings to salvation. 2) There are some people who do not know the greatness of those great men. So, […]