Greatness of the Great Saints

It has been said about great saints –

1) The liberated great souls, continuously remain established in the self or in God. Their life, their company, their thoughts and the air touching their bodies, lead human beings to salvation.

2) There are some people who do not know the greatness of those great men. So, saints come down to the level of common people, and say that saints have done this. Their actions and words constitute the scriptures.

3) When they come down to a lower level, they say that saints should be obeyed.

4) Spiritual Aspirants who do not obey the saints are instructed to follow the principles prescribed by them.

5) When they go down still lower, they order them to do one thing or the other.
Those who carry out the behest of saints, in the doctrines of saints take practical shape. When a saint orders a aspirant to follow a principle, the aspirant by the saint’s grace, gains a special power, by which his conduct changes without much effort, and that leads him to salvation. Even those who follow the principles without receiving their orders, attain salvation.)

6) Sometimes they curse or give boon to spiritual aspirants, who refuse to obey them. to be continued….

‒ By Swami Ramsukhdasji, from ‘Kalyan Kalpatru’ edition January 2015