Only God is Mine – 2

Worldly work is getting messed up,  so let it be so.   It is the kind to get ruined.  Even if it improves, it will get destroyed.  Even if the whole world goes away, then too there is no concern.   Besides these two –  I and God, there is no one else.   I am only God’s and only God is mine  –  besides this,  do not look towards any other talk,  do not think at all.  

Only that One Paramatma (God) is pervading everywhere.   Besides Him there is no one else,   no one has ever been and no one can ever be.  That Paramatma (God) is mine  – believing so,  become joyful,  become pleased.    Whether we are good or bad,   do not worry about that.   Just as when Bharatji  is going to Chitrakoot,  when he looks towards his mother Kaikayi, then his feet slip backwards,  and when he looks towards himself, then he stands up straight, and when he looks towards Lord Raghunathji (God,  Lord Ram),  then he prances forward  –

Jab samujhat Raghunaath subhaau |

Tab path parat utaayil paau ||  

(Manas,  Ayodhyaa.   234/3) 

Do not look towards your actions,   do not look towards your sins,   only look towards God.   Just as Viduraani gives God a banana peel, then the Lord eats that peel.  The joy that the Lord gets from eating a banana peel, he does not get even from eating the banana kernel “giri”.  This is because the feelings that Viduraani has in her mind is that God is mine.   Just as seeing a hungry child the feelings with which a mother feeds her child,  Viduraani’s feelings were even greater than that.   Similarly, you too accept God as your very own.   Do not worry in the least bit about living or dying.  Do not be afraid of anyone.   You do not have to be reliant on anyone.  Simply one thought “Only God is mine,  there is none other.”  If you settle on this thought, then you will be blessed.   But to earn lots of money,  to enjoy pleasures,  to attain name and fame then all this will be of no use –


Sapnaasaa ho jaavasee, sut kuttumb dhan dhaam,

Ho sachet baldev needs, japa ishvar ka name

Manushya tan phir phir nahin hoyi,

Kiya shubh karma nahi koyi, Umra sab gafaalatmein khoyi  |

From book “Mere to Giridhar Gopal, Doosero na Koyi” – Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj